When All Hope Is Gone

When All Hope Is Gone is when we come face to put with reality. In the meantime, we negotiate with our God, our family, and with ourselves, hoping that as we move from this one hurt in the past. But this time, no one comes to help, and what we have to manage our life brings us today.

After the fear and the panic subsides, as it wants, is a certain calm about us. We find ourselves with the fact that our lives will never behimself, and find the courage to continue. This is a confidence that this kind of experience – after the worst has happened, it was worse than that, and you get to the other side. And now we know that the timeliness of any situation is never quite satisfied with the fear of it, and we know that we are stronger, do not.

On reflection, perhaps not immediately, but on the road, we could also our experience as something that changed our whole life, and perspective. TheseThings have a way of shocking us out of our dream worlds and grounding us, so that now breathtaking in its naked reality. And if there really are, we learn to live life at all times, no more stupid, waiting for the next moment for our happiness, as we are present in the past, now we want is full, and grateful for what we have and what we now.

Any damages, including our lives and the lives of our loved ones door open. This is what it is and alwaysstate. There are final, only the openings and the openings are light years from what it was before. Each opening can be an adventure, where we see and understand what we can not even imagine the things that go beyond our normal senses and logic, so amazing that we never could figure out in advance.

While we still hope, we secure the doors, family and do not open new doors. When all hope is lost, this is where you learn to open new doors,and the lesson is released, which we believe from what we are and where we go. As long as we think we know what ports are passed through us, or where this was the end, it is in heaven, in the darkness of nihilism or the darkest hell, you lose the quality of surprise that ignorance that a child can understand why a child in his innocence, the truth is closed.

We have the courage to say: "I do not know." Three simple words, there is hope, or reflectReligion or belief, but they reflect something much deeper, they reflect the truth, and the doors open.

Open the door to eternity.

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