What on Thu Trang – Thailand's far south-west

At first glance one might think that the sleepy town of Muang Trang, Trang, or, in the southwest of Thailand, is just full of rubber trees and much more. But it would be wrong, because there are a lot of magic in this small town in Thailand, as you're about to discover.

But just to clarify, Trang has received a pair of rubber plantations. Well, actually more than a couple. More like this with regard to the eye, along with millions of palm trees too threatening. But that's another storyDay. Let's talk about why Trang is very likely that an undiscovered paradise.

First, Trang is so out of the radar, which does not get many tourists and travelers there. And if she is doing, they are usually given only passing through on their way to an island snorkeling in a relaxed beach and catch some OS However, this makes it impossible for this Portuguese / Chinese influence the city in a different way.

Without real stuff 'tourist', as one might find in the vicinity of Phuket, a Thai town of Trang as normalThink as always. Peep at 6 clock, and you would see at breakfast time is busy and bustling, the monks, the shifts a day on foot, and a lot of people on the way back from milking the devil's endless rubber trees.

About 30 minutes outside the city, with rocks scattered waterfalls winding descent from the mountain in front of major underground caverns, which seem forever, and the occasional neon green rice field. Going in the opposite direction and it is all beach.Maybe not perfect white sand beaches imaginable, but the charm is still a great swim and explore.

Thus, although it looks smaller on the map Trang has its share of delights and even a couple of big secrets. Of course, the best way to get a feel for them to go there and stay for a week or two. This way you can know exactly what I'm talking about!

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