Waikiki, Amazing Walking Tours in Hawaii

One of the coolest cities for walking is Honolulu, with the highlight being Waikiki. You will find giant statues, large koi pond, penguins, unique works of art and fireworks, use them for mini-golf, but he made the move giants, and this is just a place that shows the tour of Waikiki Hilton Hawaiian Village Resort.

Waikiki at some point in the daily walk, enjoying perfect weather, a couple of days early in the morning, in winter in the midday heatSun, or if you want to catch the fireworks on Friday evening, the nights are almost always perfect, thoroughly what is expected for Paradise.

The difficulty level is easy! You can find taps for drinking water in many places along the road and when you are tired, you can always walk a little 'and take a taxi or a bus to Waikiki, at any location in Waikiki or Honolulu. This walk is mostly flat, with most of the walk on the sidewalks, with very few roads to cross,Considering it was in the middle of the 14th largest city in the United States. As a treatment, you bring your bathing suit and you can look in different places for a swim in sea water from Hawaii, the perfect temperature shower.

Bring a hat and sunscreen is not needed during the night. The only danger is likely to meet, is giving a malicious local direction, start with something "to the ABC store" Bra "and turn left until you get to" as a "White Out Rigger Hotel" BH, "then turn right two blocks "type from" ABC store in White Out Rigger Hotel garens BH ""

Honolulu Hawaiian island of Oahu, Waikiki is a neighborhood of Honolulu. Waikiki basically includes all the cannel Ali Wai with Diamond Head and the Pacific Ocean to the borders of others.

At the beginning of the tour, you can begin the promenade at the beginning of the Wai Ali, where the ocean and walk towards Diamond Head, Kapiolani Ave affected when drainsturn right towards the house fire and then follow the edge of Kapiolani Park veering to the left, across the ocean, Kapiolani, right after he went below Diamond Head, where the tennis courts and shooting with 'arc are located, will turn into an intersection, turn right and follow the ocean and get back to the starting point. For a bonus, extra go 1 block and you are more open to the world air Ala Moana Shopping Center.

Are you a little 'tired afterfeet and earn a cool ice cream treat to have Dave's Ice Cream in the Ala Manoa Mall and leaves a bit 'of what you saw. Based on the Ala Wai cannel on the left side are the beautiful Manoa Valley with the Waikiki Sky Line on the right after the fire department from a great hike Diamond Head, all of their own, through Kapiolani Park, one of the best parks in the city of world, past the Aquarium, the zoo, and all of the beach of Waikiki. They walked past world-classStores with names like Neiman Marcus, Prada, DKNY and Tommy Hilfiger, which is crossed by all the 5-star luxury hotel in Waikiki, past the War Museum at Fort DeRussy in the Hilton Hawaiian Village Wai boat harbor Ali, the man is been assigned to "Dave, that a double!"

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