Venezuela – The Amazing Amazon

No visit to the rainforest of Venezuela can be complete without a visit to the amazing Amazon region of Venezuela's own section, in the Amazon. It 's the street from the state capital and the beautiful and spectacular flora and fauna of the earth are on this path. The diversity of this region is very large. It 'also home to many indigenous tribes that still follow their customs and culture. Visit to experience this pristine rainforest region and see a different choice of plantsand animals.

In addition to the Amazon region, Venezuela is defined by the Guyana Highlands. world's tallest waterfall – Angel Falls – belong to this area. The area is table mountain – huge sandstone mesas many thousands of feet above ascent of the Gran Sabana, a large lawn.

Tropical forests and beaches of the country make it an ideal place for sun lovers. You may also consider living coral reefs of this area of the beaches around Cumana. It 'can dive intothe sea in this area and see the live coral reefs – something to watch the big eye.

Whether it's nightlife you're looking for hot days or on the beach or an adventurous journey into the jungle, this is the place for you. You can be a bit 'of everything here. And the extent of the view is simply majestic. Do not forget to visit Venezuela soon, if you're planning a trip to South America any time soon.

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