Udon Thani Thailand

Udon Thani is the capital of the province of Udon Thani in the northeast (Isaan region) of Thailand. The hotel is located 560 km from Bangkok, travel to the city is made easy by regular air, rail and bus lines. Udon is a transport hub linking all major cities. The same province is recognized as a hub of the poorest regions of Thailand with agriculture (mainly rice and sugar cane) as its main industry, in addition to their transport. The city itself has neverCrawl run behind your arm and take you on a rollercoaster ride, you need to poke and prod it, shake it to life and then you will be pleasantly surprised by what he has to offer.

Shopping Chareonsri Compact is a good place as any to start, a modern shopping mall in downtown full of everything you want to buy what you are, clothing, jewelry, fashion accessories, DVD, mobile phones, souvenirs, household appliances, photographic services and many other products. A supermarket,exchange of cash Restaurants, fast food shops, cinemas and Ten Pin Bowling Chareonsri make one of the best shopping outside Bangkok.

Try an early morning visit to the Park Nong Prajak used by locals for jogging and exercise, walk around the lake and admire the flowers and plants, then eat breakfast in Thai style in one of the many stands opposite. If you then want a full English breakfast best to find what is offered at the Irish pub on Soi ClockSampantamit Road (5 minutes from Chareonsri Mall), an air-conditioned bar with a rich Thai and Western menus. Getting into town is easy with numerous small bus, Samlor (as a tuk tuk), and two bike parking spaces.

Some hotels have swimming pools, which offer a pleasant way to spend the afternoon, the hotel Napalai one that is open to non-hotel guests. If you rent a car to drive 50 miles east to the Ban Chiang Bronze Agearchaeological site, which some experts have dated back to 5,000 years, or travel 50 km north of the border town of Nong Khai. In Nong Khai is possible in a restaurant in the beautiful Indo-China market, sitting in front of the Mekong river, eating, delicious grilled fish and Laos overlooking the water.

Night time in Udon and you really are spoiled for choice by the plethora of Thai and Western restaurants, ten minutes walk from the shopping Compact Chareonsri, Centre Point Night Market (nearStation) is passed several restaurants. The Night Market is a must place with its abundance of stalls selling a wide range of goods and see if you still feel hungry, there are many food stalls and restaurants sit here. Centre Point also has a cluster of bars where you can sit and drink and may show the sport or music on a giant screen. For the more adventurous night before heading Sampantamit Road Soi and there should be plenty of bars and action for yourPleasant evening. All in all, Udon Thani offers much for everyone, but we must get out there and products to poke a shock to wake up and see Udon worth a visit … my opinion …. Udon Thani is for singles to spend a good week or two, for couples and families with three vor four days would be ideal if you travel north or Thailand.

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