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Tulum Beach

Would you sunshine and genuine entertainment culture? Then come to Bella Tulum. If it is for a family vacation or a romantic getaway, beach of Tulum is the ideal place to visit. All the beaches around here are really comfortable in several areas nearby. There is a nudist beach, a nude beach club, located in this area all too well known. This club is especially around Playa Paraiso (Paradise Beach). However, not all beaches are hereabsolutely packed with people. They are also empty beaches further south, such as the Caribbean, which are less populated, if this is what you are looking for. These beaches are the best in their communities. This particular beach, the Caribbean, part of the Archaeological Park of Tulum. Just look at how serene and attractive this place! This is definitely a must for tourists in this area. And 'only about 86 miles (130 km) south of Cancun, about 38 miles south ofPlaya del Carmen (60 km) and about 2 miles north of the city of Tulum. The site is open daily from 8 am to 5 clock with an entry cost of about $ 4, and is also a fee of $ 3 U.S. dollars for video or photography. The best part is that there is no need to take care of transportation, because there are many coaches around Playa del Carmen and Cancun, you can do here or you can just pull themselves into a world-class system of four lanes.

Now that you currently standDocking area where Maya-arriving boats transporting goods between the island of Coba and Tulum. If you look up, it was an imposing building that overlooks the sea to see, this is known as "El Castillo". This site is for the first time in 1518 by Spanish celebrities. Was actually originally by a gentleman named Juan Diaz, who discovered a member of the expedition of Juan de Grijalva's. Interestingly, it was Juan Diaz, who explained that this area was equally or even more beautifulSevilla her beloved, again in Spain. The ruins of Tulum and the remains of a once well fortified and thriving Mayan city.

Today this beach is the area's most visited park. Tourists come here to bathe wedding photos to sunbathe, relax and get away from everything in a one-of-a-kind, out-of-this-world location.

Remains of the walls

The town of Tulum is surrounded on three sides by the wall, while the city fourth side was protected from the sea. The city of religiousand civic duties have been performed in the walls, where all the buildings of the city and the temple lay. However, the rest of the population lives outside the barrier. There are numerous violations of the walls, unfortunately, are currently closed to visitors. These lesions were probably constructed to access inside the fortified Maya in times of danger. On two corners on the side where the current input tourists, there are two towersCurrently "El Torreon. These towers are not necessary, as watchtowers. Instead, archaeologists believed that have been used for religious offerings, possibly offering. Each temple has three entrances, and an altar at the bottom. As you can see from the photos, the wall has stood the test of time. The wall is solid, the total volume of material is greater than 27,700 cubic meters of stone. The height varies from 10 meters to 16 meters and has a thickness of 24 feet.The longest side of the wall is about 1,300 m long and the other two sides about 550 feet in length. The image has not brought because of the law in relation to the vastness and fixing the wall. After the arrival of the Spaniards, the city of Zama, the decline began, and within 70 years, the city was completely abandoned. Maya continued to visit in this city in the form of pilgrimage, and it was in this period when the city began calling Tulum, which translates roughly to the wall. ThePilgrimage to this site next to modern times, that is, until it was no longer possible because of the huge amount of tourism to the site.

El Castillo

Although the direct translation in English of "El Castillo" from the Spanish "The Castle", this structure is not a medieval castle, is actually a pyramid. E 'status as "The castle is called by locals, as is often tourist destinations, because he took pictures of castles implanted in his nickname imagination.However, the nickname has stayed and is now identified throughout the world as such.

Overlooking the turquoise blue Caribbean Sea, lies the castle on a 39-foot limestone cliffs. Served at some point this magnificent structure as a beacon for traders arriving from the island of Maya Coba. The castle consists of a wide staircase that leads to a high double temple room, the two rooms were used as the main place for religious ceremonies. The facade of the rooms isadorned with sculptures, masks, carved, and you can still some remains of the castle walls. The entrance to the temple has columns in the form of rattlesnakes, with the tails of snakes, the roof and their heads, like the base of the columns on the floor of the rooms. The upper church was built on another temple, which can be seen with the naked eye.

The ground floor has two small temples, which offering would have been to put the Deityof Kukulcan, the feathered serpent god of mythology. Kukulcan is the Mayan word for Quetzalcoatl, or Feathered Serpent, and according to their faith, was a man / God, oppose the institution of human sacrifice and preached monotheism. Moreover, he is described as tall, fair-skinned and bearded. Yet indigenous peoples do not have thick hair on his face as part of their genetic makeup, so the beard was a curiosity for them. From this we can deduce that he probablynot blond or blue eyes. Otherwise, the description was of him would live, like the hair and eyes like the sun like a jewel, etc, etc.

However, the man / god of the warrior class, and persecuted the followers of the cult of the god of war. Kukulcan was the key distributed to the countries of Central America, the Maya, where he will continue to pursue until he went to sea in the east, but again provides the Mayan calendar year of the reef (about1521 AD). Some archaeologists believe that the castle was built, may be his big return, see where the dawn of prosperity would be the country (or the legend is gone) shower. The myth of the Plumed Serpent was particularly widespread in ancient Mesoamerica. There is also a significant pre-Hispanic myth in similar countries in Oaxaca.

But because this temple was built, even in this God Kukulcan? If Kukulcan and his religion were driven by the people, why build the same people then aTemple of the same religion that has guided? And 'quite possible that the influence of Kukulcan was so great that had divided the population in terms of ideology and the subsequent turmoil and dissent is a factor in the decline of their civilization. It 'also possible that the Maya believed in a reason to believe they were saying something different, and experience a different matter.

On the south side of the structure is the temple of the first row. This temple houses a stoneMonument, dated to 564 AD. This date has puzzled archaeologists since it was established that the city was built centuries later. The temple also houses the images of people and Mayan hieroglyphs. These objects are now in the British National Museum.

Temple of the Descending God

North of El Castillo is the Temple of the Descending God. This town takes its name from a sculpture there is reversed Winged Creatures in possession of a fall. TheName itself is purely descriptive, and, ironically, has no connection with the Mayan mythology. Some archaeologists believe that the engravings on the wall, a god-man show descending from heaven, but you also see your conclusions. Still others believe, is a representation of the setting sun goes down at night, just like the ancient cults of the Mediterranean to death so their arguments are from the original name of the city walls reinforced, "Zama" which meansDawn in Maya, and as such seems to believe encouraged by the fact that the place was a center of worship of the sun. In the ancient world of the Mediterranean, sun worship was very popular and religion develops. This religion by observing the sun breaks in the west and into the night, and then immediately run to the east of a whole new day. This basic observation to the complex intellectual myth and ritual, in which the essence of all the myths of death was a hero develops,Descending into hell, and then clicking on rebirth appear in the East, so there are a further day again for the people. In Egypt, took the form of the worship of Osiris, in Greece, took the form of the myth of Hercules and his twelve operas (twelve representatives of the twelve constellations of the zodiac) of starry nights, in Phoenician, took the form of worship of Baal, and Rome, took the form of cult of "Sol Invictus". Human sacrifice was also sometimes the case with some of theseReligions, and sometimes even sexual acts were done as part of the ritual. It would be interesting to know if the Maya had a similar cult of the sun.

Even more, others believe that the sculptures, a bee, honey, there was a property is praised for the economy Maya. The Maya have beekeeping has been practiced for thousands of years. The bee melliponine Sting (Apidae melliponinae), originating from the Yucatan peninsula, it was said that a connection with the spiritual world, because for them byOh God Muzen Cab (If you find it strange that the honey is connected to a divine deity of the Maya, you should know that seems to have been a practice common among the ancient world. Thus the Greeks believed that wine was given to them by the god Dionysus ). Was collected, was to drink the honey as a sweetener, such as antibiotics and fermentation of honey called Balch is used as the Met. When Francisco Hernandez de Cordoba arrived in Yucatan in the year 1517, hasBee found yards with thousands of wooden posts, to produce enough honey for all of Mesoamerica are exchanged.

Finally, UFO-Logist (those pursuing an interest in Unidentified Flying Objects) to ensure that there is a sentient being from an alien planet landed on a runway Maya. Of all the groups I mentioned, this group seems to be the safest of all. There is no room for doubt. We can not leave without mentioning that the Maya did not inventthe wheel, they had the technology for iron, and do not work domesticate animals. This does not mean that they had built no track to support the intergalactic spacecraft, but who knows? Seems a bit 'difficult.

Temple frescoes

Is defined as a favorite moment, stands the temple of the frescoes. Inside there are frescoes of the infamous, this place is named after. Fresco, as you may already know, is an art form, where a fresh color on the spread of lime wetPlaster with pigments to water. Each of these has beautiful decorations and badges Maya. If one through a metal gate you see a fresco. This is still a little 'color and looks great. Wood carvings cover the temples amazing. The first parts of the building were built around 1450, something like that, at the end of the post-classical. And like most other buildings on this side, little by little more than the Mayans built, is updatedin the street. The temple is a building with two levels. The temple is decorated with superior hand-printed in red. The lower level consists of two temples, which are contained in another, which reminds me of Russian dolls, where you and others. Admire the temple interior, or the front is decorated with murals. The temple's exterior stucco figures and masks of Chac, who is the Creator God. Even one of the hills outside the temple is the descendant of the god (who is carvingdu find a lot to see on this site). Another interesting fact of this structure is that the murals are painted with layers of trees, each with a different area of the Maya cosmology.

This is) from top to bottom: the Underworld (for the dead, earth) (for the living, and the sky) (for the Creator and the rain gods.

Gran Palacio

Located in the center of Tulum is what is surely the most important building in town, El Gran Palacio. Its importance is even mentionedon their behalf by El Gran Palacio translated in English as "The Grand Palace". Its importance is not in its size, but rather in how it was used. Here are the most important people who lived in that civilization. On the back is an area that was more than likely used for important ceremonies. To think that perhaps it is occasions such as royal marriages, and so it was in the back of this building just staggers the imagination. Some time have taken their toll on this structure, but it worksin no way take the beauty end. This building, also (like many in the area), contains a statue of a god descending. Many also apply to this building as "The House of uinic Halacha.

Each city had its Mayan king named uinic Halacha. He can also be served as high priest, as Caesar was the king and high priest of the Roman world. Learned to think exactly how the Romans that Caesar is a living God, or, as in modern times, the Japanese thought was thatHiroshi emperor was a living God, the Mayans thought the Halacha uinic a living God as well. He ruled until his death. At his death the eldest son became the next ruler. If you do not have a son who would take his brother. If there is no brother, a son, then a leader of the Council elected a member of his family to serve. Therefore, it is very likely that the residents maintain the family line included as a divine blood, so that their persistence, a ruler from the same bloodFamily. The Halacha uinic dressed in elaborate and colorful ornaments. If you are under the microscope temple murals, it is shown with large ears, decorations, tattoos, many, large head-dress, and for some reason, saw the cross (perhaps) a consequence of consanguinity.

Many priests served the uinic Halacha. They had knowledge of mathematics and astronomy. In fact, the Mayans had the concept of zero, independently developed from the old world of mathematics. The zero has been developed in India (in the ancient world),then go to the Middle East and then in Europe. It could be a simple mathematical idea seems to be emerging, but it is really hard to understand a very abstract concept and then. Why do you have something that really nothing, but something that can be used for calculations. Modern man can hardly understand, zero, zero, for example, division by zero is equal to nothing, but how and why? It seems illogical, but it is what it is. Surprising is the fact that modern man struggles with the conceptszero, but the Maya priests had learned the use of zero. He also explained the mysteries of existence of ordinary Maya. At one point they thought the Earth was the back of a crocodile, which swam in a big pond. Reported the mountain to explain that this really crocodile scales. This is a concept quite sophisticated, for example, how does it look like a hair easier when we do 10 times smaller? Be ', it seems, as tree trunks to us, not diminutive, almostinvisible strands of hair. Our forests, giant sequoia pines and ponds can so easily fund a garden of grass was much bigger than us yours. Thus, the concept of relativism, namely that the appearance of things on your specific point of view is relative. The Maya were used as well, which shows that thought and imagination is not bound by time, location or technology.

El Gran Palacio is located in the center of Tulum, which means more important. Read moreis among the specific platforms Templo de los Frescoes,, Building 25, Building 20, and the 'Recinto Interior ") (internal courtyard. As should be exactly in the middle, do not fail to notice. Do not miss out!

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