Trip to Thailand? – 6 valuable tips Before You Go

To maximize your stay in Thailand, it really is worth some effort in preparing for the holidays by learning a few things about the Thai customs and language, before disconnecting. You'll find it much more fun and rewarding experience, if you do too. There are many good guides available, of course, as the Lonely Planet, Fodor's guides, etc., but here there are 6 valuable tips before you leave:

1 Thailand is a fascinating country with an ancient historyand culture. Worth reading a bit 'of history. It 'also worth reading a bit about their religions, above all, their main religion – Buddhism. Buddhism is very strong in Thailand, with the exception of some areas of the south (in neighboring Malaysia), the militant Muslims and all are like that. There are some Christian churches in Bangkok, Chiang Mai and other towns, and some of the mountain people. During a visit to a Buddhist temple, it is customary to remove aShoes. If you squat on the floor, make sure that your feet apart, and are hidden and the soles of the feet are not pointing to the image of the Buddha, which would be disrespectful.

2. The people of Thailand are very friendly, very polite and friendly. It 'important to be polite in return. Normally, the service will receive is very good, but if for some reason you are unhappy with something and they want to complain, do not forget that in a calm, soberWay, without your voice or is abusive. Do not do anything to humiliate someone in front of others, as this could lead to serious consequences. It 'very important for a Thai person, do not lose face.

3. Your key to many good restaurants and shops of Western-style Thai food, you can find thousands of fast-food stalls in the streets, selling all types of food. The food from these stalls (is), including fresh fruit, very cheap and in 99.9% of cases, is hygienictreatment is completely safe. I lived in Thailand and have never had food poisoning from eating street food. Just watch the water (except) in bottles and ice in particular.

4. The people of Thailand are very proud of their monarchy and the king very much appreciated and loved by the people. Attention, a sentence that the practice will be taken as disrespect for the king or the royal family.

5. If you want to learn to speak a few words in Thai languagehello, how ( 'Sawat Chief Dee "if a man or Sawat Dee Kaa" when spoken by a woman of her word), or thank (' Kap khun kap 'spoken by a man o' Kap Khun Kaa ", spoken by a woman ), is pleased the average Thai person, and will be for you. But with a few words and phrases, be sure to get the correct pronunciation and especially intonation. In Thai the same word can have different meanings depending on whether the item has a high or low tone, a rising or falling tone,or remain at a level of tone. For example, the word "Khao" give rice, white mountain that he / she or messages, depending on the mean, as you insert it.

As you can imagine, this can lead to some misunderstandings, and failure is very confused the name of the person speaking. For example, to ask the waitress for some milk into the cup (you know nom) pour could be taken as "would you mind shaking your tits!" But remember, Thais understand that foreigners Farang () is often done something wrong andThey take into account the context of the conversation. In this way, you will probably guess what you mean really. So do not give up, try for once.

6. Finally, before going to expand your appreciation of the country, why not read a novel that is in Thailand (such as "The file Orchid '). If you're not the first time, then read on the fly. It will continue to improve your understanding of this fascinating country.

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