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You travel. You have many expenses to be covered. You must pay the airfare, your accommodations, food, travel absences, cultural experiences and the list goes on. Want to save money if you decide not to bother with travel insurance. Go on the trip of a lifetime, nothing goes wrong. It is a waste of money if not necessary. Wrong. Very bad. Traveling with insurance may be the biggest mistake you have done to organize your trip and is very expensive.

What is travel insurance? Well there are two types of insurance to see when you travel.

1. Travel insurance (sometimes called a travel insurance) which covers cancellations, delays, lost baggage, and emergencies.

2. Travel insurance protects you against medical expenses on the road.

Ideally, you need a combination of both when you travel.

Imagine the following scenarios:

You are in Darwin, Australia, when a hurricane strikes the region. The city was devastated by the hurricane and all the services closed. You have to be evacuated and sent home. Travel insurance will cover you for that. Travel Insurance You Do?

Your luggage is not present in India. You need to buy new clothes and fast. Can afford in your budget? Of course you can, you take out travel insurance – is not it?

Or if you go surfing in Hawaii and have a great Wipeout? You are so seriously injured, need surgery and major medical care, and are then transported home. But that's OK – the travel medical insurance covers everything. You won, right?

Travel insurance is there to protect you when bad things happen on your trip. This is a necessary expenditure. Overseas medical costs can be astronomical if you are insured. And if you are injured in a developing country, medical attention may not be good at home. If you are sure you can get flown home and participated at any cost.

Each year, the government is handling thousands of cases of passengers were injured, fall ill or die abroad. It is a painful situation for all concerned, but even worse when the passengers are not insured, often leaving with heavy bills. Hospitalization in other countries can cost more than a thousand dollars a day. Medical evacuations may be in the hundreds of thousands of dollars if you die in Europe may cost more than ten thousand dollars to put your body at home. If you do not have travel insurance that you have to cover those costs themselves (or your family get the money).

Travel insurance is a cost that must be budgeted. If you do not pull it off, medical expenses could cost much more. Insure yourself and travel safely.

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