The Top of Thailand

Imagine going from a cliff with a flurry Waterfall on both sides of you. And ‘the thrill Abseiling in Khao Yai National Park, which was named World Heritage by UNESCO the various ecosystems and 800 different types of Wildlife. The park is also famous for its waterfalls,15 high and 50 meters. Abseiling
(top to bottom or vice versa) is a sport that thrills You will feel like Spider-Man.

But it is not only fun and excitement in FI LL a day in the park to have access to some Waterfalls requires kayak on a lake, or An excursion to one of the tastiest Green in his kingdom. And the jungle is a cave
for herds of elephants, gibbons and Hornbills.

Even Spider-Man has never won the wild.

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