The story of the Mandarin Oriental Hotel in the initial phase.

For over 120 years the East River Chao Phraya is still a strong partner. A model of service to impress guests who then say to the people. In collaboration with the comfortable and luxurious. Oriental Hotel is famous around the world. The award-winning countless Only this year with a maximum of 13 awards last won the World ‘S BEST Award 1996 Travel & Leisure Magazine USA, which is the Oriental # 1 in 100 among the best hotels in the world connected. Presentation of the glory and the honor of hotelThailand have the option of visiting dignitaries from many people. The famous English writer Joseph Conrad, the world 108 years ago, when Mercedes Som Mor ROHM September when 74 years ago, and the visit of 2531 years in Thailand for the presence of Prince Charles welcomed. Ana and be a princess. The following year, Prince Philip. Duke of Edinburgh. Oriental room with a bedroom on the 16th floor luxury Snnrnrcr 55,000 baht per night has never stopped to say helloinvited world-renowned. Hollywood stars including Elizabeth Taylor and festivals pop king Michael Jackson.

Foreign or Thai, we have a dream to come to this hotel again, some do, but never forget that people are not impressed by the East. For if the airplane. You will be picked by the hotel staff on hand at the airport immediately. Take the limousine. But, as a fill boring River Chet. Helicopter or otherwise,Pleasure.

If you approach the hotel. Driver said he called the hotel is a preparation of welcome. To open the door for the entry of people in real kilt style shirt then wear at the reception for you to take the room was. No waiting for check-in. Given the knowledge that you can go to check-in may be tired. If then the room. Later, after the teachers ‘room’, the beginning is to take care of everything. DescribeHistory. Cameras in the courtroom of the bag was released everything. Answer the questions that you think more. Note that to do and I do not like that and then left everything in the store. The next time you come to stay. You will be surprised to find that they will remember.

Since the department has collected personal information. First of all guests to stay. The employees, each party receiving informationthis person. Enough experience to deal with the eye and know the information. It ‘s time to say it was actually received correctly. And ‘This is a form of service to the hotel on a site that is known and recognized the need to welcome guests at any time. What is the Eastern tradition to support each other.