The people of Thailand

Thailand has a population of about 60 million people, of which about three quarters are ethnic Thais. There are many minorities in Thailand and among those, a percentage consists of Chinese, while other tribes are Vietnamese, Cambodian, Malaysian and hills. In the early 7:20 p.m. century, Chinese immigrants came and settled in Thailand. They were married Thai women and changed their name from the Chinese name for which Thai. Most of them have adopted Buddhismas their religion and learned to speak, read and write Thai. It was said that Chinese immigrants were good for making money and end up getting the best business people in Thailand.

Most people in Thailand are concentrated in rural areas and earn money by farming and agriculture. However, the industrialization of this trend is slowly changing and people from villages migrate to the capital Bangkok. Another reason is that because of bad farming practices,Many villagers and farmers are not able to make money from their farms and eventually comes to Bangkok in search of a livelihood. According to a recent survey, the urban population comprises 37 percent of the total population.

The government of Thailand is in many ways successful. The family is one of the most successful programs implemented by the Government of Thailand. It reduces share in the birth rate of 3.1 per cent lessthan 1 percent. It 'also successful in reducing the percentage of HIV-infected patients. According to a recent census there are about 60,000 Thais are living with HIV / AIDS. A few years ago it was estimated that by the end of 2006, 3-50 in Thailand have died of HIV. To avoid this, the Thai government had conducted annual public education campaigns and successful to some extent by improving awareness and educate people on how to protectis HIV.

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