The Gazelle Close Map Adventures

In 1513 he moved Piri Re'is, an admiral of the Turkish Navy, with a map of the west coast of Africa, the east coast of South America and the northern coast of Antarctica. This map was discovered hidden in 1929, drawn on a piece of gazelle. Well, the search for a card, the old is remarkable, yes, but to find such a mode, a little 'mystery.

When the admiral of the Navy, Piri Re'is was able to pursue his passion, cartography, but this does not explain how he was able to mapAntarctic coast, with these details. Especially since the coast was covered with ice at that time and had in ages! Sure, there was another advantage of the situation at sea for sailing Piri Re'is, and that was that he has access to many of cards taken from him, and it was found that he had received much of his information was from comparison and confirmation of the information in these maps. One might suppose that it has many details of the Antarctic coast was mapped mapsbefore him, but there is a problem with this assumption is that part of Antarctica has been determined by scientific studies have been covered by ice for 6,000 years! So what was the civilization 6000 years ago with technology not only to this specific information, but to copy a map of a species from which?

During the Middle Ages there was a set of cards called "Coast Pilot", which showed the popular routes. These were a great helpThe sailors from the earliest times. But there were also lesser-known route maps and coastlines. These cards were also those who had guarded. Christopher Columbus was told some of these rare cards. The library of Alexandria was well known, accurate maps of these routes less known, the stories and experiences of ancient journeys that have drawn passed from generation to generation through a series of early civilizations.

In 1204 some of these rare cards alsofound in Constantinople and were used by European sailors. It was clear that the trips were made by ancient mariners from pole to pole, and that some of these ancient peoples sailed from Antarctica covered with ice. Not only that, but they had very precise navigation tools and was able to plot latitude and longitude accurate to European navigators of the day.

In 1953, the U.S. Navy Hydrographic Office map of Piri Re'is evaluated and foundthat precision could be no air monitoring've gotten, and as if this were not amazing enough, the Hydrographic Office also found errors in some of the maps today, and used the cards to make Piri Re'is corrections! Okay, which flew 6,000 years ago?

Dr. Charles Hapgood, author of "Maps of Ancient Sea Kings", has sent a collection of ancient maps, which are designed by Richard Strachan of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. Mr. Strachan concludes that aKnowledge of the spheroid trigonometry, must have been the curvature of the earth, and how the projection of the cartographer who drew these maps known.

A theory is presented by Dr. Hapgood, which returns a polar shift, which has been embraced enthusiastically by Albert Einstein, and so this part of Antarctica was not covered by ice so far as previously thought. This, the theory does not diminish the fact that the perfect lines of longitude and latitude were not only madethis paper, but also many old maps of this very early times in our history that mathematical knowledge was amazing through those early sailors, that these people would not have fallen, he knew the end of the earth, and it actually ships, could survive these dangerous waters.

And 'think more useless to us that the reason we have progressed because we are smarter than our ancestors. What knowledge we have, and what technology we like, isnothing more than the great men have done over the centuries, and it is up to the experience and wisdom that build them. Courage, intelligence, curiosity and innovation, there are thousands of years before us, civilization, there might not be aware, and is good and right by us, their performance with respect honor, it is better for us to build on the knowledge that have survived, and there is a positive influence for all.

Moredetailed maps are great and mysterious: the Portolano Dulcert "1339, Africa, drawn with perfect lines of Europe and North latitude and longitude of the Mediterranean and Black Sea, which are only half a degree off.

A map of Hajji Ahmed turkish, 1559 concluded that a strip of land connecting Siberia and Alaska shows.

A map of Fineus Oronteus who drew the exact costs of Antarctica and Greenland showed entered as two separate islands, which was recentlyhighlighted by a French Polar Expedition.

"The graph of Zeno, 1380, shows a large area including Greenland, whose precision is extraordinary.

A map copied from an engraving on a large column of rock in China, 1137, with many common points on Western maps, which presupposes that they could find comes from a common source.

The "King-Hamy Chart", 1502, contain some errors, probably the result of the compilation of different cards with different styles, is impressive as a world mapShowing is the whole of Europe, Asia, Africa and America.

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