The evening of life along the river.

The evening of life along the river.

That evening, we depart from Thung Wua Laen Beach along the beach road. The trip to Ranong by our travel program. On the way we passed a small bridge along the river with a view to. I must tell you, though it recovered. Fellow of the car park at the foot of the bridge to the opposite side. Before walking back on the rail bridge. The bridge is on the left side of the river. While the right is the sea. When looking down the trunk is lined with many fishing boats on the river.

Generally known among photographers that. View of the bridge is the view that we can see the water clearly. Since there are no obstructions such as tree branches or power lines that obstruct the view and the camera angle. During this evening. It is best to save the lives of people living along the river.

I ran to run around a bridge between both sides. To find an angle to capture this stream until he found was a small fishing boat. Parked in front of the terrace houses for planting into the water. A period of sunlight from the east side. Opposite to the rear. The left side reflects the sparkling waters. And the light that shines through the side of the fishing boats moored ships. The beauty of light and shadow on the boat. But in my opinion. Also feel that this is quite static and lifeless to me. After recording the first set. I was standing on the bridge waiting for a ship that was to come of this, not too steady for nearly two minutes of waiting, it was sailing a small boat from the river. I have not much time to prepare a pre-exposure. The boat will drop into the monitor.

I would have to measure the light at three different points. The first is in the area. The river that reflected the light is shining. I measure the light aperture to F-16, the shutter speed 1 / 60 second, the second point is that light. In the light falling on the vessel. I measured the aperture value of the F-11, the shutter speed 1 / 60 as the last point, I measure the light is in the shadows or the Shadow, I measured the aperture F-4 synchronization at 1 / 60.

I chose the aperture to F-8 synchronization at 1 / 60 the value in capturing this image. Because I want to store the details in the shadows or the Shadow and the Hight light is the brightest part of the picture is. In areas where light is incident on the river, it is Over about 2 Stop, and in part as a Shadow to Under about 2 Stop, which is still in the ability of the film can also provide details on both parts. Hight light and the Shadow.

When exposure is complete. I have just a few seconds to compose the image. I held the boat in the park. The picture on the right-hand side of the picture. And wait for it to ship that ran into it. Into the upper left corner of the image where the light hits the water.