The dimension of depth.

Do you get behind the camera for this story about the shooting to the depth of the dive season in March to take up this

In taking pictures underwater, but it is limited only in a narrow band as in the past. As far as I see from time to dive. On board the aircraft, it is usually associated with underwater photographers were at least 2-3 people always think if I calculated the number of divers in our home already. I am a photographer in the water in our house at least 100 people.

The underwater photography. The most important thing that a photographer will have to study it in terms of physical characteristics of water differ from the air that we are familiar. Especially in the light at the heart of photography ever.

Since water is the medium that has gotten a lot more opaque. The amount of light coming through the water is low by about 1 stop every 10 feet depth increases (in the case of water. But if the water is cloudy thick sediment particles. The amount of light will be lower than this).

Furthermore, in the amount of light it. Another factor that follows is the color that was broadcast on the film. Depth of 15 feet in red is a color that is missing. Later, at a depth of 25 feet of orange, it will be lost. And at a depth of about 100 feet, everything is grayed out. Therefore, to ensure that it meets the vibrant colors of nature. We must use a flash to help correct the color back.

Also, in terms of light and color. Clarity of the water environment, it is important a factor in underwater photography. (A major reason that most underwater photography is done in the Similan Islands with relatively clear water than others).

Through mid-January, I had a chance to return to the Similan Islands, once again, for the first time this year. The first thing I was surprised. State of water in the Similan Islands cloudy with suspended sediment in the water a lot. And the water is clear blue and the turquoise. But it was enough to capture it. Although the images are not as bright as it should.

On the last day of the trip aboard the MV Fantasea dive we went down in the stone crab. Or stone skull. The last point of diving into this trip. The stone crab is in a place where we do not have to dive frequently. Most of the characteristics of the region. A large stone with a mix of coral and colorful patches.

In one corner of the stone crab things. At a depth of about 100 feet, then I glance back up to the surface. Hundreds of thousands of small fish are moving it through the formation of the sun was shining through the water. The beautiful pictures and stories. But the composition of the image of the foreground. In a sense, I did not see it on lightly so I look for objects that will be set up to add color to the picture. And I took a small Seafan based on a rock as the foreground of the picture is impressive.