The colorful and spectacular. One of the forces of the sea.

The colorful and spectacular. One of the forces of the sea.

After the image above into the atmosphere, leaving the reader with many fans of the \”best camera\” .Many of the past. This would be a picture of the long history of Thailand to take, we will be back the clock. The size and the charm of troops overseas.


Locations and camera angles. This is very important that someone has a chance in a corner. I saw the shot coming very well, is the Department of the Naval Dockyard.It will be the frame of the Grand Palace and Wat Phra Keo. What is the compatibility between the container and background processes. But this site is prohibited.Those who are involved or there are chances of seeing people turn that corner.

 Drawback of this camera. River flow is relatively strong.Make the process go a little \’fast-moving boat. Every body is different. The light conditions were not conducive to photography so much. In particular, there is no suchMost ships have a golden color is white, bright gold, no model at all. With the way the boat cook until golden yellow color of the clothes was a Waterman, is pretty cool.

 Angle that I shot on a crane that lifts enough. To remove the odd.  The Education Department of the Navy. The processes and procedures were in front of the boat to Wat Arun payday loans. And so far, both from the point of firing on him, I have a 80-200 zoom lens with a 200To want to pull the ship away, it seems, the closer. (The properties of the telephoto lens that I was in the books before then was written).

 The lightDifficulties too. The lighting conditions are not constant, but the sun, but not as the light changes. If we take away this right. Do you want to be both above and below.And I set the camera to make it more difficult with different Hasselblad cameras without built-in light meter. Normally I would use a small measuring camera. What would it cost to bring the light, then take the Hasselblad camera is faster and easier than using a handheld light meter.

 And I would like to propose some. For those who love photography.Especially when taken with slide film. The exhibition is considered the heart of photography, he has. Each time you press the shutter. In case of exposure of the camera at all times. Be used.Act as a dress. And if it is not constant lighting conditions. Change. You can shoot without fear of error.

 It led to this watch. Took the first test, the 11 used in October 2539, Fuji Film Forum Vietnamese 50 a tripod. I just want to F-8 narrow aperture, shutter speed 1 / 60 to use.I had the courage not to use a shutter speed longer, because I fear that the ship would not be so many pictures of them will be. Some like it would work just as well create the image.