The best hotel near the nightlife of Bangkok – Where to stay

It is no big secret that Bangkok is one of the wildest scenes of nightlife in Southeast Asia. Travelers and tourists, men and women, young and old, dancing all over the world drink and party all night. Filled with cutting-edge club with the beautiful people and regular low-rays madness and people flock in droves to participate in Bangkok to take the famous international club scene.

If this is your first visit to Bangkok and looking for aHotel ", then the best thing to do to remain in force, which is near the famous nightlife hotspots.

There are several areas where the nightlife is concentrated in Bangkok as a visitor for the first time in Bangkok, you may want to stay in business.

So the best thing for first timer in Bangkok in Thailand is a) stay in a hotel near Nana Entertainment Plaza (NEP NEP. It is now a complex of three floors with a cluster of water points and bars with pool tables. There is also a pair of go-go bars on three floors. Sex is for sale here if this place is certainly not a place to take kids. There are many hotels in this sector with brands such as Marriott and the landmark of the city.

NEP is now a bit 'from the main Sukhumvit road call and there are many hotels along this area. A hotel that I recommend the Majestic Grande> Hotel. The hotel is relatively new, with all amenities, you may ask. The service is excellent and the staff speak English at first. The hotel is within walking distance of the NEP.

Another popular nightlife district called Patpong which is located in the district of Silom. Patpong consists of several streets, and to call what the Thais are. In these'm tourists go-go bars and discos with live music. Sex for sale is obvious, even if you seeThai locals around with their families. Patpong is a place to visit, traveling to the right, even if you have children who are mature. From Patpong also has a night market, where families walk you can dance for a taste of a woman wearing a bikini on stage to get. Patpong Night Market has sold a lot of counterfeit goods. Almost all the bad economic brand handbags, watches and clothes are for sale. I'm not buying my watches, but if all that makes you happy.They negotiate hard with a smile, that the seller expected.

So really the full effect of Patpong Surawong you must stay in hotels along Silom and. Two hotels, I can recommend are the Tawana Ramada Hotel Bangkok Montien. Both hotels are within walking distance of Patpong.

So if you want the nightlife in Bangkok, Thailand from experience, I advise you to stay inAreas at first. Bangkok is a relatively safe city compared to other cities in Southeast Asia and Western cities. But the local Thais are scams so be careful. Besides the language barrier is a problem when the hotel staff are the destination written Thai. The stay at the hotel near the nightlife area, you can maximize your enjoyment and the best nightlife in the city of Bangkok has to offer.

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