The best destinations for winter sun

A great place to visit for some winter fun in Thailand, the year is 30 degrees for almost all, if you notice that from June to October, when it is very hot you might find yourself caught in the showers a lot, not so better to go during the rainy season. In a visit to Thailand, there are some places that you visit. First, the busy bustling Bangkok. On arrival there, may seem a bit 'a culture shock if you've never been to Asia beforeYou will be amazed by the madness of the city. It 'very hot and humid, so you have a break very often do, there are people who really everywhere, beep their horns, people screaming and the smell of many different types of food. In Bangkok, the must see places are to go, the Grand Palais, built in 1782 – and for 150 years, the home of Thai kings, is a beautiful castle with gold and precious stones to order interior and exterior walls

Another great place to visit, is Khao SanRoad. The book "The Beach" famous Khao San Road backpacking described as a "center of the universe." For many years, is the starting point for travelers in Asia and the rest of the world.

Khao San Road is a straight strip of 1 km long extends only a couple of blocks, but many hostels, internet cafes, restaurants, massage parlors, clubs, bars, bookshops, tailors, chemists, market stalls, to name just a few things, the names are there. One thing that you doThis is to visit the market stalls and haggle for goods that they sell, there is everything from clothes, shoes, furniture, jewelry and music When you can haggle well you things for a fraction of the cost of buy Originally shown. With their carefree, All – vibe is completely different than anywhere else in Bangkok and probably the world.

After leaving to visit the city of Bangkok is the other main beaches. These are some of the best known and most beautiful beachesWorld with an amazing quality of snorkeling and diving. There are a variety of beaches, and if possible try to be quiet and you have certainly a luxury to find real experience.

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