the appearance of an elephant in Thailand

The sight of elephants in the Thai city of Chiang Mai has fascinated the public. The show begins with musicians elephants. Both dance and play harmonica. Then the elephants came to the scene painter and paint pictures of tulips, forests and even elephants. These images will be put on display and for sale. As viewers who already think too much, let the soccer elephant. After heating, the elephant keeper waits until the end, while strikerElephants draw penalties. As footballers go with cheers elephant, elephants are involved in any other in the collection of pins. The elephants give a massage to their owners, and to demonstrate that they fit for the famous Thai massage too. The final show of this elephant and a man in a darts competition. The man loses the elephant, although it was closer to the ball. Who wants to pay, can the elephants to the mountain half-hour tour.

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