The amazing phenomenon of the Great Barrier Reef

When man makes the leap into the room, he finds himself looking back at Earth and the discovery of new features like landscape in a different light. Printing is humanity has left on earth big, but not as great as that of nature. The Great Barrier Reef is located outside the Australian continent is to find a natural wonder that is visible from space!

As the unique collection of living creatures that can be seen from space, the Great Barrier Reef have aspecial place in the hearts of men. The reef is a colony of organisms eat each other together, to nurture and grow. In contrast to forests and grasslands and other natural feats of nature, the reef itself is alive and with a relationship with the world, the impact of so many great opportunities.

how is a cliff, is building coral colonies on the former colonies. A cliff is difficult because of the skeletons of coral stone, leave, so hard to be like stone. Other corals and attachgrow on them, how to build layers and layers of rock slowly. can coral reef in the Great tube-shaped domes are or look like the branches of trees and shrubs. This reef is an increase of about three centimeters a year.

A coral polyp is an individual, and uses tentacle like arms to catch plankton. polyps of the coral, jellyfish and sea anemones are related, their bodies clear in their shells or exoskeletons stone. And within this context,Algae. These algae enjoy the shallow waters of the Great Barrier Reef, and transform sunlight into sugar and energy through photosynthesis. The coral polyps, in turn, the algae provide a safe home in the sun to produce sugars and eat algae. Many coral its color directly from the algae they support.

Another reminder of the Great Barrier Reef, the various creatures that call the unique world of wonders at home. The sea grass that grows in abundance in some areas pulls dugongs and seaTurtles. Saltwater crocodiles crawling through the salt marshes and mangroves along the edge of the cliff, romp and thirty species of cetaceans, porpoises and dolphins and play here. Dwarf minke and humpback whales move in and move through and around the deepest parts of the reef.

As people take more interest in the world and how they are assembled, the value of natural wonders like the Great Barrier Reef is clearer. It is not only an ideal destination for diversand snorkeling, the reef and ocean temperatures bear near and far. Many of the species that can live in the barrier can be found elsewhere. This beautiful ecosystem will be kept safe from many surrounding towns, which rely on them for tourism and fishing. And there are many great places for people to reef up close and personal experience and is one of the most popular places to go on vacation.

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