Thailand Travel – The Phi Phi Islands

Visit a new place or country can be fun and exciting. A very nice country to visit is Thailand. It is to do Places to see so many things, it is difficult to choose your first, as part of Thailand to visit! Phi Phi Islands should definitely be on your visit "list.

Phi Phi islands are a great tourist destination. They are among the large island of Phuket and the west coast of the Andaman Sea on the mainland. If snorkelCoral, you can see the fish better and beautiful, is simply breathtaking! Activities include shark watching, cliff jumping, exploring and shopping. You're never boring. If you're the type who enjoys a ride, there are many super cheap prices.

Phi Phi islands, the situation was the 2000 film "The Beach used. With this film really picked up the tourists in the area. Although the area was poor in the Indian Ocean in 2004 destroyedTsunami is nearly everything has been completely rebuilt.

The area has only two seasons: the hot season, the months of January to April and the rainy season from May to December. Temperatures during an average 77 ° F to 89.6 ° C, not bad for you! The rainfall in the area is more or less down for short periods, with average annual rainfall of 2568.5 mm.

The beauty of Phi Phi Islands is what attracts tourists to keep them back. TheAffordability of the area is to travel to so many people in this area. Hotel costs are much lower than that, what most people expect.

If you enjoy nightlife there are many bars and pubs to enjoy. They are easy to find, centrally located, not what you would expect. While bands can stop playing in bars at 2 am watch, tends bar serving drinks long as they have customers. Unlike other areas of the world, he feels safer in the bar and everyone wants a goodTime.

If you want to see the fish, see sharks, or all night party, Phi Phi Island in Thailand was able to find the target you are. Prices are super affordable and the area is beautiful. What more!

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