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Ever thought of traveling to Southeast Asia? Well, this is the obvious place to start in Thailand. Bangkok could well be a bus stop, because to get in view of all the beautiful places in this part of the world, surely there will be the end of a point or in 'else. And no matter what you choose, if you take a slow boat on the Mekong River in Laos, Angkor Wat in Cambodia for you or see the Petronas Towers in Malaysia, well it is hard to Avoid the rush andBangkok bustle!

That is, Thailand has many little nooks and crannies that make you sad if you lost! One of the most beautiful of these small towns has been for me Pai! Pai, Thailand is located in the north, near the border with Burma (Myanmar). Do not worry about all the crazy things you hear about Burma, when Pai is completely isolated. The picturesque town is located in the mountains, and is different from anywhere I've ever seen. The entire populationMeasures about 3,000 inhabitants, and most of them are foreigners. The city center is only 3 streets full of bars, clubs and restaurants of decadent opulence of the street peddler. And the supporters of these establishments are of Thai tourists to travelers of all ages from around the world. If you decide to stay there a week, you feel as you all know! In fact, after 5 days, will put the new arrivals with blue eyes as if for years.

Since most smallCities go, this is totally different! People who are there for a few days, usually at the end of their stay extended beyond the original plan. Small as this city is, there are lots of things to do and this is the magic of this enchanting mountain town. A scooter can cost no more than 80 should Bhat (U.S. $ 3) per day as a vacation rental and explore the area is a must. Within 20 minutes, the magic is at hand. waterfalls, hot springs, tapered, ancient temples andan elephant park are indulging in some suites, many during their stay.

Small as the city may, at first glance, the huge amount of amazing show! trendy little bar located in places that would never have imagined! You POI spinning dancers as entertainment, while the ultra-cool decor, is to draw on others. If live music is your thing, there is a stunning live performance jazz bars, night are actually really good! If you're lucky and a bit ', Savvy, you'll find bar, so hidden that only someone special can take you there. This is a place that will capture your imagination and surprise you every time you have the good fortune to spend there.

In short, the experience I had in my whole journey south-east Asia Pai! I initially planned to stay for no more than a few days. But when I finally got the bike back, I was shocked to see the bill. I have all the traces of time and spent almost a monththere. But after some great friends, I'm done with them traveled to Laos, Cambodia, Malaysia, Singapore and other people I met in Pai seen in each of these countries. I do not regret a single minute in the time I spent there! And if you decide to go, I guarantee you feel the same way! Good journey my friends!

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