Thailand – The Traveler's Paradise

Tourism is an important economic factor in Thailand, which in fact started, the soldiers of the United States began in 1960 when you come in for rest and recreation during the Vietnam War. At the same time, the international mass tourism also increased significantly due to many reasons. Standard of living, increase in leisure time, improvement of science and technology, travel is made possible and cheaper, so some of the reasons. This new trend has been virtually activationThailand>. The high season of tourism during Christmas and New Year, when tourists from western countries to go abroad to escape from the terrible cold weather.

Thailand is predominantly Asian area visited by tourists in Bangkok and the historical, cultural and scenic attractions in his. Western tourists visiting the country not only Bangkok but also for the southern beaches and islands. If you are interested in adventure travel, it is better to travel to the north, with itsethnic minorities and wooded mountains. Anyone interested in trekking can be enjoyed very much. The government promotes tourism through the creation of a separate tourist police offices in tourist areas and its own emergency number. It is noted that diseases have sex tourism in Thailand is also widespread, although the government will transfer regulated by controlling the spread of sexually transmitted diseases.

To face the strong competition offered by Laos, Cambodiaand Vietnam, Thailand aims at niche markets such as travel and golf vacations in combination with medical treatment. Tourists from different countries have reached here, attracted by them, even if Japan and South Korea are all lined up in front. "Amazing Thailand" is the main slogan of marketing for the international promotion of Thailand.

Whatever it is for tourists in Thailand. No wonder people are thronging in large numbers are. Diving sites, sandyheritage sites beaches, tropical islands, nightlife, archaeological sites, museums, palaces, etc. are the specialties. The country is famous place for several courses for tourists. People including the teaching of Thai, Buddhism and Thai massage. People in Thailand are fun loving. Famous are the festivals' Surin Elephant Round-up, the 'Rocket Festival', Yasothon and the "Phi Ta Khon festival in Dan Sai.

Royal Thai cuisine is anotherAttraction for tourists. And 'known to the world with its extensive use of herbs and spices. and cheap food is more expensive here in Thailand. lovers of food can cook gourmet Thai restaurants in Bangkok and others can enjoy delicious Som Tam, a street stall just decide for the country. The travelers can not resist shopping in the famous shopping malls in Bangkok. Central World, the largest mall in Southeast Asia isBangkok offers a wide selection of international and local brands. The night market on Silom Road and Khao San are mostly tourist-oriented. T-shirts, crafts, fake watches and sunglasses are available here. The temperate climate of Thailand, it really is a great destination.

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