Take a deep breath to come with us on our journey and I wonder.

Take a deep breath to come with us on our journey, and I wonder.

01 THAI NESS The Kingdom of Thailand displays the wonder of Thai Ness – a quality that the unconditional devotion of the people to the monarchy and Buddhism is based. These and other colors of the nation and give the feeling of an old country tradition lasting, it’s different. Thailand travel Ness and feel Thai cultural traditions, the beauty of Thai hospitality and simplicity of the style of Thai life and usability. Learn the art of Thai living and learning about life in a Thai symbol of Thailand, farm and agriculture, local wisdom, excellent cuisine and Thai ancient sport.

02 TREASURE Thailand a main axis of natural and cultural heritage, such as the existence of many wild animals estuaries sanctions, archaeological discoveries and the UNESCO World Heritage sites has historically proven. The royal palaces and buildings of great historical importance have been turned into museums. More than 30,000 Buddhist temples (Wat) can be found throughout the country. Take the opportunity to discover this wonder – the treasures of gold, impressive architecture and beautiful Thai art. It is a journey through the land of your heritage and history to give you an overview of the unique culture of Thailand and its people.

03 BEACHES to enjoy the fun, sun, beach and the tranquility of the Thai beaches at your leisure. There are many ways to choose – climb to the top of a mountain and enjoy the spectacular view, dance all night romp on the beach, relax on the white sand beaches and peaceful base in covered huts shaded by coconut trees, diving in a world pristine blue swimming discover hidden lagoons in the islands, or just the turquoise water. Whatever your wish, Thailand welcomes the wonder of beautiful beaches and enticing islands. There is everything imaginable to pamper yourself and improve. Their joy at the beach, so grab your towel and prepare for paradise.

04 NATURE Take a journey through the wonders of nature and experience a variety of means of subsistence agricultural, educational, exciting adventures, scenic paradise, wildlife and marine reserves and national parks across the country to spread. Meet the beauty of nature Thai, allows you to test the field prides itself on its collection of virgin natural resources and green targets. This will give you greater environmental awareness in the country and the diversity of its regions. Maybe you can find a place that you like, with its endless beauty, peace and mystery.

05 WELLNESS soft relaxing holistic spa treatments, natural remedies, efficiency and professionalism of medical care – all contribute to the rapid development of Thailand as the health capital of Asia. These characteristics of Thai hospitality accompanies the highest standards and leave an unforgettable impression on visitors of all ages. Thailand is still healthy smile of the country. Enjoy this journey through the wonders of the spa to recharge your batteries in a peaceful and safe environment. Rejuvenate your body and mind, offering a touch of unique personal experience of Thai treatments.

06 TRENDS for anyone who wants their heart beat faster, it is time to travel through Thailand real-life inspiration. Be inspired by a variety of Thai trends, campaign to stimulate you with the wonders of chic shops and trendy, modern shopping malls, markets, fusion cuisine, nightlife and entertainment. Get a taste of this unique way of life in the twenty-first century cosmopolitan setting international level, all with an Asian flavor. Thailand remains one of the most popular holiday destinations in the world offers its optimistic attractions in a safe and friendly environment.

07 HOLIDAY VISITING Thailand to live an endless journey through a series of religious and / or cultural rituals, processions, dances and ceremonies on which to base their lives Thais. You are invited to festivals in Thailand fun – celebrating the constant every year a group of traditional festivals and / or international empire. They are an essential part of Thai life and offer a valuable opportunity not only for visitors to have fun, but also an overview of the different aspects of Thai culture to win. You are invited to travel through the wonders of events and colorful festivals and live a part of the Thai way of life.