Summer at Copper Mountain Resort

Summer in copper is still in business for about 4 weeks until the snow. There is an impressive number of activities to keep the family happy and cheerful. My first thought when I was doing my research was "not want to leave on a trip of one day of work – my kids never." We went anyway.

During the weekend there, there was a Guitar Festival. Copper has a celebrity guitar auction every year. For Labor Day Weekend, held the country itself Copperwith live music and a rodeo.

Golf enthusiasts will appreciate a challenge Copper Creek Golf Course, which has an altitude of 9700 meters. Golf at this height the ball farther with your normal swing. In front of the tee at the ninth hole, you can order lunch and enjoy, as you exit the last nine holes. The front nine moves over the lakes and streams, but then the back nine, you can choose between the 19 Century mining town. This is a par 70 course. CopperMountain offers to play golf and stay packages.

Other activities abound in summer: climbing wall (or climb the Rocky Mountains), bumper boats, paddle boats, a go-kart, mini-golf. Scenic chairlift runs start from the top of a mountain of 11,250 meters. Now it is a look at the Rockies. Lunch will be at the top of disposal. Bungee Jumping. My children are small, so do not know what to think. My ambitious 4 years would be ready, but I? To my great joy, is carefully4 associated with trampolines.

How about a horse and a disk of livestock? You want to live the city Slicker film? Here you go. Pony rides are also available.

Lunch at Copper Mountain has an international flavor. Options abound elegant CB barbecue with game, steaks and seafood – cooked over a wood fire grill. Let your Junior Chefs dazzle you with an awesome pepperoni pizza with the kids in the program Pizza Kitchen Charles, where children do the cooking. Notjust go to the main entrée. They also prepare a dessert pizza with chocolate. Yum! You can roll your own sushi Storm King Lounge with a beautiful view situated on the lake.

We had a tour of a few condo accommodations at the resort, courtesy of the holidays of copper. Five stars. Very nice. For those who have not booked accommodations condo is a must. They are similar to your house not far from home, a well equippedKitchen breathe, separate bedroom and a bridge that the fresh mountain air.

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