Spanish museum "to see"

The country Spain is itself a sort of museum of enormous magnitude, thanks to the creativity and imagination of Antoni Gaudi architectural renderings and designs used in some of the most famous cities in Spain are built to offer the world. Barcelona is just one of those cities. Gaudi architecture in Barcelona, famous for the world.

Other famous personalities who have contributed to the domination of Spain in the world of art and museum world. ExamplesThis includes celebrities Pablo Picasso, Salvador Dali was born in Catalonia, and others like them. If you have a trip to the country of Spain for those of you interested in art, here are some of the museums should not be missed.

Beginning with the Prado, created in 1819 in the capital. The Prado is home to some of the greatest works of art in Spain are, as the largest collection of art works by Goya and Valazquez. There are more than 3,000 works of artDisplay of the Prado Museum, with many more times reportedly held in many of the museum.

Another Spanish museum, the Museum Soralla Martinez Campos was built in the house where he lived Soralla. It opens to the public in 1932. Many valuable Soralla precious pieces are on display, including "Self Portrait" and "after the bath.

Other museums that our list of proposals are sure to visit the National Museum of Contemporary Art, a Science & Technology Museum includes a topPlanetarium for children and adults can enjoy equally. Even an outdoor museum was started in 1977 in a large hangar at Aerodome. It houses a collection of planes and aviation and the history of Spain. This is a Museum of the Sea, maritime charts and other features works such as ship models, representing a range of maritime trade history of Barcelona.

It shows also a museum of erotic art works of art ', which have received, and, finally, the public offering. TheseWorks with the range of works of art of greek and Roman origins, through the sexually charged scenes from 1920 first and are no longer available. There is a Museum Frederic Mares sculptures from pre-Roman times to today.

As you can see very well is the country of Spain with a rich cultural and art museums are just some of the reasons why Spain is the second most visited country in the world.

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