Seven indicators that your life is a manifestation of

The plan C has replaced the plan B.

And not just work, as she had expected. Even if it works, how the plan works, not yet. . . somehow.

Ask yourself: "Is that all?"

This is very precise and clearly indicates that you tried everything that you are interested in trying, and the results were all too predictable – fleeting, unsatisfactory, and Ho-hum.

A look in the mirror withoutsmiling. . . for a long time!

Time has a way of connecting to us, is like Chinese water torture – drip, drip, drip. The gray hair that was a cute novelty at a time, and crow's feet small, but are by no means a novelty now. They age and are associated with Etta Clark's great to say, "Aging is not for Sissies!"

People start doing crazy about you!

You feel as if cursed to live his life locked up in a nursery!You can not believe what fascinates most people, and with whom to spend endless hours talking. Can not live only in this way much longer, and screaming out of there!

They found himself and said: "Been there done that" way too many times.

They believe that there is a fundamental change in human consciousness time to go, and you somehow missed the bus – again! You know that you're ready for '. . . something, because life does not intrigue youas before. And you're a bit weary world, to find, beyond what is fascinating in this world fleeting and superficial.

A good friend is flying and do not know why.

Are long walks alone, thinking of old friends who are now gone. Why did they go? Where have they gone? Why not die? Nothing seems to take too much, and you're not sure where you put your trust more to give. The energy is not there as it once was – the good quests longleave. Now, you have matured, and although the force disappears, the questions remain. You are now no choice but to try to link the answers as best as possible.

God does not seem to be on the back lately.

You are questioning things, things that you taught since childhood. And you put the books down. And you sit here alone. This time, you do not need someone else's word, because what the others are not exactly what you professExperience in your long life. This time, it is determined to discover themselves. You do not know how this is going yet, but somehow you can find all the questions themselves. Now we know for sure – there is a God? Is there a heaven? I'm not so sure about these things as they once were complacent, and life is suddenly serious. Do not have time to fool a lot longer, and trust your intuition, you start a little 'more.

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