Seahorses are important relics of nature for You to Admire

Seahorses are beautifully colorful and fascinating organisms that can be seen in various parts of the oceans of the earth. In addition to their beauty, you will be fascinated by many things, such as how to swim. If you get very close contact with people who can be very friendly, so friendly, which may also eat out of hand. It is thought to have magical powers and medicinal properties, but there are many studies to confirm. China is the largest importer and consumerof seahorses, nearly 20 million of them, because they relate to the improvement of heart disease, asthma, contribute to problems, and lethargy of bone fractures. It is also believed that seahorses are good aphrodisiacs. Its value is fully equal to the value of gold for the Chinese people.

Today, their number is decreasing dramatically, not only because they represent a type of food, but also because many see in aquariums. However, not many know that they are addictedthe sea air and live long in captivity. Their habitats in the sea, on the basis of coral reefs, mangroves, seagrass beds and estuaries, are extremely interesting for them, even if they are placed in dangerous places.

There is no doubt that the draft is for the reputation of seahorses an important experience for all divers. However, if you plan on scuba diving, sea horses, one should be remember that you try not to disturb their habitat. There are many things that divers canSeahorses do not help to survive. "Things as they do not touch, do not buy them for home aquariums important when it comes to care seahorse habitat and to preserve their health at a high level.

For those who are passionate about these wonderful creatures, there are some fine points dives. There are many famous dive sites where there are many species of seahorses. Ria Formosa, Portugal is an important point for scuba diving seahorses, even if the conditionsdiving is not the best. This is the place with the greatest density of seahorses and meet here are of two types: short-snouted seahorse seahorses and a long snout.

Another great dive site for lovers of seahorses is Dominica, where you can admire the colorful sea horse in the rocks. A big advantage is that the conditions allow you to immerse yourself, even if they are not very experienced. North Sulawesi, Indonesia will give the highest level of biodiversity in the worldThey were also some species of seahorse, which you will never meet in other places.

There are some other sites if you want to meet seahorses while diving, such as Phi Phi in Thailand, known for its beautiful beaches and great scuba diving for the state. What you should take into account is that you protect them, should seahorses and their habitats during your travels underwater.

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