Rock of Gibraltar – Whale & Dolphin Watching Trips

Gibraltar is now towards the south coast of Spain and exciting range of activities and the chance to observe dolphins, offers semi-wild apes and whales. People can in activities such as shopping or surfing, or spend time quietly great deal on the beach and enjoy the view. The place is actually connected to Spain, but remained a British territory for a very long time. This means that you need a passport to visit this place.

Gibraltarwith a huge margin of limestone catering for the best and fantastic views that can never be the sea of words Africa. The height of the rock is about 412 m, which corresponds to 1400 square feet above sea level. Getting on top of that rock that you should not indulge in trekking and climbing. It takes about six minutes to reach the lookout point above the hard rock to reach the cable car.

Gibraltar is known to have five different names and beautiful beaches of CataloniaBay, eastern beach, Sandy Bay, Camps Bay and Little Bay. Although Catalan Bay, Sandy Bay and Eastern soft sand Bay, Camps Bay and Little Bay are known to be rocky beaches. A number of water sports are very popular in those parts of water, where the Mediterranean meets the Atlantic Ocean. Diving courses and sailing schools increasing visitor familiar with the knowledge of shipwrecks have occurred to help around the rock. Fishing and windsurfing are very popular inArea.

St. Michael's Cave, this is towards the top of the cliff, not to be missed. The territory is a colony of semi-wild monkeys. We have a great time some of these species. Some pictures of the cave has been mentioned in the famous book Melia Roman Pomponius and was described by his terrible story. The cave is currently in conservation area at the top of the rock and you need to buy a ticket to find and accessCavity.

Great Siege Tunnels – was during the Great Siege, which took over between the years 1779-1783 these galleries were with hammers, propellant, shovels and chisels. These tunnels are also within the nature reserve and military tools can, ration cards and boxes more guns on the display you see here.

Whale & Dolphin Watching-around three different types of dolphins can be seen in Gibraltar. You can also go to watch whales and dolphins on a boat.This journey takes about 90 minutes and allows you to visit the natural habitat of whales and dolphins swim and play together to see the cruise can be.

Gibraltar is blessed with a temperate climate and is an ideal place for holidays.

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