Relationship Troubles With Pattaya Girls

Thai women are renowned the world over for their beauty, their playful mood and amazing smiles, so it’s really no surprise that the thousands of men who each year go to the holiday resort of Pattaya fall in love instantly. Pattaya is a unique destination. It’s a place that seems to exist in another dimension, yet seemingly part of Thailand. I think it’s this combination of the East and West that draws people to Thailand and Pattaya in particular. Many men who go to Pattaya on a short holiday end up meeting a local Pattaya girl and some fall head over heels in love. Romantic infatuation is one thing, but actually making a cross culture relationship or marriage work is something different.

Here’s the problem: Guy meets girl. Both are living in a sort of care free day to day lifestyle of partying, drinking and fun. Regardless of how they are sometimes portrayed, bargirls in Pattaya are mostly in it for the easy money, the thrill, the laughs and non-stop stimulation of the senses. Bar girls in Pattaya can make very good money, particularly if several Western men are sending them money every month.

Where most relationships fail between Western men and Pattaya girls is when the day to day life sets in. I suppose this is no different than most relationships which start of hot and intense.

The girl, now removed from her friends becomes bored and lonely and the guy may not understand how important the daily contact to friends and family is for Thais.

At the same time, it’s likely that the girl has been sending money back to her parents for support. When she quits her job and moves in with her boyfriend, her parents will still expect that money, but as she no longer works a well paying job, many times it becomes the responsibility of the man. Some men are ok with this, others are not, and there’s always the possibility that the parents or friends will be pressuring her to get more money. This is particularly true where there is a big age difference.

From my experience, the relationship is that it seems to work in Pattaya, Pattaya where the girls had a job outside a bar. There are many girls in Pattaya, not to go to a bar or club would dream in mind, but is still open, go on a date with well-educated foreigners. If you are serious about marrying a girl from Pattaya's best for those who have a life to go by herself and not in bars and party games.

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