Rainforest Animals – Mekong Giant Catfish


Mekong giant catfish

Scientific name:

Pangasianodon gigas


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Scientific classification:

Kingdom: Animalia

Phylum: Chordata

Class: Actinopterygii

Order: Siluriformes

Family: Pangasiidae

Genre: Pangasianodon

Species: P. gigas


The Mekong giant catfish is the largest freshwater fish in the world and is endemicMekong Basin in Southeast Asia. A monster that can take on almost mythic proportions, this is huge migratory waterfowl, and requires large sections of the river to the seasonal migration. It also requires special environmental conditions for the breeding and spawning. Heavy fishing and other human activities have pushed these catfish brink of extinction. Is currently classified as "critically endangered". In the last century, the population decreased by about 95Percent, and some experts believe that it left only a few hundred adults.


The most striking feature of this fish is its large size. The largest ever caught was 9 meters long and weighing 646 pounds. E 'was the largest freshwater fish ever recorded. The Mekong giant catfish is low-set eyes are dark gray and silvery white below, and without teeth. Young people have ownership of whiskers catfish also known asBarbo. Aging, the arrows are shrinking in size.


The Mekong giant catfish is a herbivore and feeds on plants and algae on the River.


He lives in the lower half of the Mekong River system in South-East Asia occurring in Cambodia, Laos, Thailand and Vietnam.


The Mekong giant catfish grows very rapidly, and reach 330 to – 440 kg in just six years. This big fish, butfor their slow reproductive rate, with pressure from human invasion, coupled noted, has led to the precarious state of survival. He wanders to lay their eggs, but with the dam on the Mekong tributaries, destruction has led many of its spawning and rearing. Siltation also has a toll-large.

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