Overseas Plastic Surgery – How to Choose the Best Plastic Surgeon Overseas

Get plastic surgery abroad can be risky and dangerous option if you do your research properly. There are many horror stories of people overseas to have plastic surgery and then having to return to their country of origin to settle "their surgery – costs more money, if you have had surgery at home.

Nationally certified plastic surgeons

Check if your surgeon is qualified as a board certified plastic surgeon in the country, you have to goSurgery usually can go in. Land Board Web site and cross-check their names.

Ask if the surgeon has a photo before or after

In some countries like Thailand, it is illegal to send a before and after pictures. If not groped any pictures, talking to their ex-clients and about looking around the internet for courses recommended.

Compare the cost of plastic surgery

Reduce operating costs by 30% or more. ForFor example, getting a new face in Thailand, would cost on average $ 4000, compared to America, you pay an average $ 8000. An amazing 50% saving! However, it is important for travel, accommodation and insurance companies cover the costs bill.

Which country offers the best and cheapest intervention plastic?

Every country has its own negative and positive. Thailand is known for his sex change operation, while in India have a lot of surgeonswho are trained in Western countries like Britain and the United States. Venezuela and Puerto Rico are among the best surgeons in the world. You are responsible for more support to win the title of Miss Universe, responsibility, unlike America.

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