Natural disaster year 2554. (2011)

In the year 2554, Thailand suffered a disaster. Often a serious nature. Since March, the typical weather of March. In the summer. Generally the weather is hot. And there is not much rain. But this year, so I do not. Turns out that the country was on there. Nearly a month of cold and rainy in some areas due to the influence of the press. Air emissions from China that was covered. Thailand on a periodic basis.

In the meantime, there are patches of low air pressure area covered the south central power. At the southern rain. Prevalence was crowded almost throughout the month. Heavy to very heavy rainfall has continued in many areas. Causing a flood area. An unprecedented breadth and intensity. Nakhon Si Thammarat and Surat Thani provinces, Narathiwat, Yala, Songkhla, Phatthalung, Phang Nga, Krabi, Trang and Satun mudslides were also reported in Surat Thani, Trang and Krabi provinces. The rainfall, as well as of March this year, most in 36 years (2519-2554 BC) and many areas have the most rainfall in 24 hours was statistically higher than the daily minimum temperature lower than statistically. the original. From measurements of the same month. The unusual circumstances that used to be.
Later this year during the rainy season in many areas of intermittent rain. Rainfall areas, rather than the usual 40-50% and this year it was no rain during the show. However, only certain areas and areas with less. A little rain early in the season. But overall, the country needs more than rain on a particular area. North and Northeast. From the influence of southwest monsoon. Track low air pressure through the tropical cyclone. The move came near the ball, then he continued. In June, has been influenced by tropical storm “Hai Ma” (HAIMA) that moves up the coast of Vietnam on the 24th day after weakening a depression moving through Laos and light being the patches are. low air pressure. Power of Laos on 26 of the cover moved into the South and then decays to the same day this storm resulted in several provinces of Thailand, especially on the wetter northern reaches. Very long and some areas have rainfall in the 24 hours is higher than the statistics was used to measure the same month by the amount of rain in 24 hours, measuring 335.2 mm at Doi Phu Kha Pua, Nan on. 25, and flash floods have been reported. Cataract flows. And landslides in the area of Chiang Rai, Phayao, Phrae, Nan, Tak and Sukhothai. 3 people have died and 105,703 households and 411,573 people have suffered damage to 159,598 hectares of agricultural land (Source: Department of Disaster Prevention and Mitigation as of July 4, 2554) Later, in late July. Thailand has been influenced by the tropical storm “State of Birds” (NOCK-TEN), which moved up on the shore of Vietnam. Through Laos and weakening the storm.

Depression before moving to Thailand and South on 31 and weaker patches of low atmospheric pressure and covered the area north of Chiang Mai and Mae Hong Son at a later time. I keep in heavy rain. With very heavy rain to some areas. Especially the North and Northeast, heavy to very heavy rain on many areas. The most rainfall in 24 hours, measured at the district town of Nong Khai on 30 mm up to 405.9 in the previous year’s record at Nong Khai. There are reports of flooding and the spread of Mae Hong Son, Nan, Phitsanulok East Mountain Community at Sakon Nakhon, Udon Thani and Nakhon Phanom.
August and even without a storm moves closer. However, Thailand has been influenced by the southwest monsoon. The grooves are relatively low air pressure forces across the country at the top. I have almost a month of heavy rain over northern and northeastern areas have a very heavy rain from time to time. The flooding continues in many areas. Income for the month of September. Apart from the southwest monsoon. And track low air pressure. Thailand has been influenced by a tropical cyclone is a tropical storm and two children, “Hai cleared (HAITANG)” The storm was moving around the city of Hue. Vietnam in the 27th and depression before weakening as it moved through Laos weaker patchy low pressure power moves is covered northeastern and northern Thailand on the 28th also. Typhoon the “splash (NESAT)” has been moving through the Gulf of Tonkin in the city of Ha Long. Vietnam now has power as a tropical storm on November 30, the impact of the storm, including two children, resulting in on the rain intensity was reported heavy rain and very hard to time because of the month. the past. And there are reports of flooding over a wide area and continued in many areas. Some areas flooded as never before. Damage significantly. Misuse affects all sectors of life. And the overall economy of the country. Assessment of flood damage that occurred in many areas across the country initially. Governor of the National Bank. That has generated economic losses of approximately two thousand million Baht If a flood occurs, not less than six months during the months of October-November this year. However, if prolonged will create more damage than the estimated value (Bangkok Post Oct 6, 54).
Natural disasters of 2554 caused the most severe that has ever appeared. Compared to the amount of rainfall in different areas of the country since the beginning of the year until September. Rainfall and higher than normal in about 32% higher than in any previous year was measured at 2 years was higher than the normal 27% in 2496 and ranked third in 2513 is higher than the normal 23. %, but only when the rainy season. (May-September) of 2554, Thailand has shown that this year more than the normal rainfall was 20.1% at 3 years, 2513 and 2499 when rainfall was higher than normal, and 23.6%. 20.7% at 1 and 2, respectively.
Natural disasters occur such as disasters that have occurred since the beginning of the year to September only. From October onwards until the end of 2554, we also need to be careful and be prepared for flooding to occur. Since October November and December. Expected to remain more than normal rainfall. Whether it is in the top. And south into the next flood season. Many areas suffer from natural disasters this year was the worst I have a record that has it. But these things will be a lesson in preparedness. Adaptation and planning for the future is the future.