Most of the wait.

 When you start a new underwater photography, I often wonder. Some pictures I\’ve seen from abroad, has taken away. Because some provinces.It \’a chance to see, so they can pick up the pace that only a fraction of a second.

 The mouth of the fish and shrimp in your mouth to clean it. And \’what I believe. There is no way to take pictures like this at all in this life. Because the water for many years.No fish at the mouth of the nurses cleaned shrimp, even seen.

 But after I started, the images of marine life more seriously.I found it hard not to see how a routine day at the reef. But we must change our behavior, a new submarine. Most of the invasions and so on.Come and see the details of each stone, before we have a more detailed view.

 It moves slowly. The dive was not a dive in underwater environments to explore, but I always look at a certain point, I already voted. And sometimes it takes almost the entire disk.Sequences within a radius of only 10 meters from the buoy line.

 Underwater photographers have much luck, I just got through work in their work. The swimming and so on.What should I do if I continued to shoot. But I did. Before each dive. Work will be determined in advance about the time. So that each dive.I want to run something.

 The plan also allows you to use imaging equipment to meet what they need to be taken.Beyond the scope of our work. And planning, as this may also help to provide a stable network. Distracted with other things.

Clean as a nurse when taking pictures of shrimp, grouper, red spot with mine.

 If I take a photo of General Hospital, while cleaning a big fish decided.I chose the 50mm macro lens, which allows us closer to the model and the protocol to use.

 The first thing I do when in the water below. And \’the cleaning station to find. Many of the Richelieu Rock in the face. If you want the General Hospital. The next step is for the fish, shrimp, wait, was a customer of the service.

During this period I tried to mix. It \’s like a rock in the area. The only thing I\’m still alive, the breath is given only sporadically.

While the world was only a stone quarry in the face alone.

 Almost 20 minutes of waiting. The blue, red grouper, came another and another to sleep in a hollow rock in the foreground.With his mouth as a sign of attention to jump on shrimp. I just moved a little\’. The blue, red grouper, but it disappeared in no time.

It all started back waiting for nearly 40 minutes of waiting to defeat him.I love the sound of my own, which is the regulated output voltage is a record that I love the depth of nearly 50 meters under water.

 He then goes The blue, red grouper, but it was close to the area near the cleaning station, I was still kneeling on the stone for ever.But it was not yet sleeping through the mouth, the nurse cleaned shrimp.

 Continue to the end of the third point, blue, red grouper, which I trusted.So go to sleep in a stone niche, niche. In front of the mouth as a signal to hospitals, the shrimp clean again.

 If the shrimp jumped on the health of blue, red grouper.Works on the blue dot, red grouper. First duck into the gums. It was located on the bottom of, lips red grouper, opened the heavens opened.

The moment I waited for several hours. So do not hesitate to press the shutter button the pace of work at the hospital.

 As a result of waiting almost 3 hours for 3 Richelieu Rock dive over the pile. Performance is satisfactory. Allows the image of their dependence on each other in a blue world as well.