Living in Thailand – How to know if the land of smiles too long

Thailand is a wonderful place to live. Friendly people, good food and beautiful scenery are just some reasons to live here. However, culture is very different, that Westerners are more familiar. Below is a list to determine if some of the curious features of Thai culture has rubbed on you.

We see an elephant on the road and think "Oh wow! An elephant!" but how you complain about slow traffic.

YouWaking up with a taste for rice and pasta, eggs and toast.

You think I'm using the vehicle in the wrong direction one way streets, red lights and driving on the wrong side of the road normally.

They think that Chang and Singha beer actually pretty decent.

You see a family of four and their dog on a bike ride together and I only wonder what they ate for dinner.

Wearing sweaters and sweatshirts, despitehot steam.

I am deeply concerned when your favorite meal is rice, the price increase by a staggering $ 0.15 to $ 0.60.

The language actually starts to make little sense.

They have no problems eating the organs of pig blood mixed with raw pork and spices.

motorcycle 10 years, riding the streets do not discourage.

Sangsom think I'm actually pretty decent and Mekong whiskey.

You have not cooked a meal in recent months, with the exception of what can be produced with hot watermakers.

You will find that some of the Thai music is actually pretty decent.

Shaking someone's hand looks weird.

You can drive a motorcycle with 10 sacks, a library and a hot pizza box, linked to it.

Ask for any more spicy meal.

Make spicy fish sauce on everything.

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