Jodhpur – The Blue City in India is at its best

People's second city of Jodhpur, Rajasthan, and some find the city beautiful blue. Rajasthan is illuminated by a spectacular light blue because of thousands of homes surrounding the area of Blue Mehrangarh Fort.

The city is famous for his time and is an important region for tourists to visit. The city is near the region of the Thar desert, and receives low annual rainfall, which also strengthens the tourism sectors. The city has treated are very strongCenturies old, but incredibly well preserved.

Rajasthan was built around 1450 and has been excluded under period-Gurjara Pratihara. After this period the Rajputs, the city, and became famous for using a route between Delhi and Gujarat. The route is famous for its trade. under the government of the Raj and offers Rajasthan was known as the commercial center of 'a day. The locals called Marwari Marwari and was famous throughout India as merchants and businessmenPeople. Jodhpur after a tribe of the Mughals, but who live in the city was still known by the people running Marwari. The city was seen as a place of great structure and planning of the city had. Mughal culture and influence is evident in many parts of Jodhpur still some great demonstrations of art and architectural design.

Jodhpur has a link to almost all major cities throughout India or by rail, road or air. You can fly to cities like Jodhpur boardJaipur, Mumbai, Agra and many other important with regional airlines Indian Airlines and Kingfisher Airlines. The main airport is only five km from Jodhpur and is easy to reach. The center is well connected by rail with connections to Delhi, Chennai, Bangalore and Kolkata. The average price of a car of a train with air conditioning in each of these sites is approximately INR1200 INR range as 2500. The city is easily reached by car from Delhi, Mumbai be reachedJaipur, Udaipur and along with many other large centers.

The distance between major Indian cities is often a whole day with the car, so most tourists travel by train or plane looking for.

Jodhpur has literally hundreds of attractions including bazaars selling handicrafts and other works of art. The city has a wall seven miles long, with eight different points of entry that many tourists love to visit. The wall is a beautiful and people are all talking about how the interestingEnvironment.

There is also a strong huge, beautiful architecture that is known is the heart of Rajasthan. The fortress offers a magnificent view over the city, if you are on the roof. This fort is very popular located on a huge rock and has seven main objectives, which were strategically placed to repel an enemy attack. The tourists are all talking about how the fort is well preserved is stronger and I see it as a must see destination.

TheRajasthan museum is also a tourist attraction, has some amazing displays artifacts and military and is widely reported as a tourist highlight.

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