I Love Touring Rome, Italy – Trevi Fountain District Hotels

The Trevi Fountain area is located almost in the center of Rome. The fountain that defines the area starred in at least two famous motion pictures, Three Coins in the Fountain and La Dolce Vita. You must test the legend that claims if you throw a coin in the water and make a wish, your wish will become true and you will return to Rome. Near the fountain is the Baroque Santi Vincenzo e Anastasio a Trevi church. The nearby Palazzzo Colonna is open to the public only on Saturday. It was featured in the movie Roman Holiday in which Audrey Hepburn won an Oscar for Best Actress. Don’t miss the Scuderie Papali palace which now hosts an art museum. For your convenience we have listed neighborhood hotels in approximate order of cost, starting with the least expensive. We have personally verified all website addresses making sure that they include English-language pages.

The two star Hotel Erdarelli has been in the family since 1935. The hotel has 5 floors with 22 rooms with private bathrooms and 6 rooms with shared bathrooms. A few of the rooms have a small balcony. Continental breakfast is served. The address is Via Due Macelli, 28 – 00187 – Rome.

The three star Hotel Julia occupies a small Nineteenth Century palace that is located not far from the Rome’s Presidential Palace. The 33 rooms have recently been renovated. Next door are two apartments. They offer a buffet breakfast. The hotel address is Via Rasella 29, 00187-Roma.

The Hotel Fontana is situated in a Thirteenth Century building that was once a monastery. It was converted into a hotel in the late Eighteenth Century. The rooftop lounge includes a glass top terrace. This is the only hotel that faces the Trevi fountain. Of course, if your room doesn’t face the fountain it will probably be quieter, and according to the hotel website, may be larger. The address is Piazza di Trevi, 96 – 00187 – Rome.

The Hotel dei Borgognoni is located in a small palazzo that dates back to about 1800. The hotel takes its name from the neighborhood settled by Burgundy (France) residents in Seventeenth Century Rome. There’s a garden, a restaurant, and a terrace bar which is open during the summer. Why should you try to deal with Rome traffic; the hotel offers a chauffeur-driven limousine service. There are 51 rooms and suites. The address is Via del Bufalo, 126 – 00187 – Rome.

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