How to be super hot with spicy Thai food when traveling in Thailand, beware!

My only advice for travelers in Thailand and want savior of Thai food is simple – ask if the food is hot (as in 'hot' hot) before in your mouth!

Of course, it is also necessary to recognize that what is hot food (and probably normal) for a super-hot Thai can punish eye irrigation and physically, for a foreigner. Just because the food that accompanies says "not hot" does not mean it is not hot. So keep it in mind whenbe crying all the way to go home!

The thing is, down in southern Thailand, at least eat the rice with the addition of spicy "prik" or chili is a daily event. Often, you can choose foods hot or not want, but sometimes it is better to say "Please do not get hot," just in case. Another thing to do, cast your eyes on the food – usually have a strong feeling when it is strong or not. Your eyes water and the stomach! say

Although someForeigners can "eat fire ', the spicy dishes without worrying about the world, others have a bad fire in the belly of the super hot. If what has happened (it is customary suddenly spices or hot peppers in a Thai court) , eating slices of cucumber That will be served with every meal, since it would have a cooling effect and take some fire. (or make sure the restaurant is not possible for them!)

In short, if you come to Thailand, it is inevitable thatSooner or later it will suddenly Thai Thai food and other delicacies served to obtain. (Especially if you travel to the southern regions). Certainly try it – you must ensure that the cut cucumbers on hand!

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