Hotel Design

What is a design hotel?

Discipline, the organization is to create the ideal environment for guests, the hotel is known as. It is essentially the design of a place where customers contact with the base after a long trip or a day of work for which the host is the money paid. Although the design of a hotel has only 15% of the total budget, represents a huge 70% of its turnover. Design Hotel are far from their oldDays to specialized architects, builders, interior designers, contractors and suppliers of pitch. Today, the hotel design includes the construction of buildings with special facilities for the purpose of acquiring customers, or renovating an old hotel, or conversion to other structures such as palaces and forts in a hotel. But despite the lack of consensus on design hotel ideal, the fact remains that a good location andeffective structure are the main ingredients of an attractive design.

Hotel design vis-à-vis its functions

A hotel of them is divided into a series of segments, several restaurants, rooms, suites, reception, lobby lounge, laundry, etc. It 'so important for the proper functioning of a zone does not interfere with each other. Noise or movement of people in a room should not disturb people who work, and guestsin other areas. That is why the hotel are decorated interiors. This provides good functionality.

Decide on the theme of 'hotel

Before you begin designing the interior, what a second thought on the subject that you respect Hotel is your town. There are many new trends in design. Cook your choice of a privileged few, and zero in the final choice. The appearance may vary between Grunge, international, chic boutique Urban and classic, but a hotel is of a formal, grunge theme would be too bold a statement.

Adventure in Design

Customers around the world has become more demanding. They want aesthetically pleasing and creative design, improved technology, all at your fingertips, and institutions can provide them, like a beautiful swimming pool, a gym, a massage or a spa, just a phone call away. Also, gone are the days of very formal constructions> Hotel. The new generation of designers and adventure travelers from hotels to rethink their ideas established customer service. Business, the sector has also contributed to the design trends of adventure at the hotel. Impressed you or surprised every time I walk into the base for a relaxed at the hotel where you have the need for travelers feel at home given. A formal framework is definitely on the roadit.

Increasing the refresh rate

Ten years ago, renovations will take place during an interval of five to seven years. The frequency is now significantly increased from three to five years. This has increased the workload for designers but do their job easier for the enthusiasm of 'hotel. It was found that more customers eager to sign a signature restaurant with a chef and a menu of signature. This has increased the possibilitydesign field.

The social environment design

The social milieu from which the designer has significantly influenced the way we perceive the world. The emerging concept of a citizen of the world has spent many fleeing the local ethnic culture, while others like to get a taste of it. It 'so important that designers have a vision of what kind of customers would like to respond to your hotel, you decide. If the hotel wants to be infiltratedby regional standards and provide our gusts with an overview of the culture, a local designer, or at least one who is with the cultural context, it would be the safest. On the other hand, if you need to look for a hotel to plan your hotel in a store, try an international designer who has experience worldwide in the design of hotels catering to customers.

The transition

Unlike some years ago, the focus of the room not the bed but the bathroom.The bathrooms are classic claustrophobic replaced by the expanded, with a shower instead of baths and high quality equipment and design.

Provides suggestions from customers

The suggestions of guests must be guaranteed, if you want to be your design, the best combination of functionality and aesthetics. No other inputs are as important as this, because the practice in question. In addition, he hosts the end-user design on it and what better. Judge


The demand from business travelers and leisure is becoming increasingly diverse. The hotel industry's future trends, in the form of their customers to integrate justice. E 'was provided by the experts and analysts of space, the kitchens and the future that will be part of the hotel with the colossal building, large rooms. Keep the design simple, but it is actually the key.

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