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Medieval Europe and old Asia are the reference point for the history of swords. In both parts of the world, weapons, swords and armor, in particular, were an essential part of life and death. However, the various aspects of the swords have been emphasized and developed in each of the various cultural sectors. In Europe, for example, the swords to the function provided in the first place, while serving in Asia, have an aesthetic purpose. In both parts of the world,The projects were artisans and scientists at a time, in cooperation with the material to something that would be stronger and harder all the time to develop. They also worked with the warriors to find out what works best, what they need, and what elements were not as necessary.

The first swords in medieval Europe were designed to cut and cut the enemy. Most of them were single-handed swords, and hold the release of the other hand a shield of protection. The development of advanced weaponsHowever, it should make a shift in the sword so that the weapon on the premises, could get in armor. As a result, more thrust swords and Pierce have been designed. In other words, the swords are to be found in a position in small openings in the armor. To this end, reply, swords became longer, leaner and stronger and sharper points.

In Asia, the story was quite different. The leaders of swords focused more on improving what it already. The swords do not go through an evolutionaryDevelopment insofar as they are in Europe. Instead, they are refined in technique and began to develop the style. Asian values, require a great appreciation for the creation of something, and this assessment is a high level of aesthetics. Beauty is in Asia, held in high esteem, so that the sword was an admirable piece of craftsmanship. The Japanese katana, for example, is a design very simple. E 'simplicity, however, that such an effective weapon, because it is made tosuch as high technology and its ability, strength and durability are undeniable.

The Japanese samurai evolved from a group of people who originally guards to buildings and centers of government. They have become masters of war and was eventually regarded as high in society as a ruling class of respectable people. They took such pride in their work as a warrior who has been the areas of their practice, a deep-rooted culture of quality. In fact, the reason why the martial artshave survived and enjoyed so much popularity is still necessary because of the great pride and admiration that the samurai.

The samurai also asked for nothing but the best in their arms. The development of the Katana and its high quality is a direct consequence of the strength of the mentality of the samurai class of people.

After the Middle Ages, the sword is specialized in decision-making in all regions of the world. Each area was known for his distinctive style and design. Long SwordsEurope, for example, and the Chinese Jian are just a few. Later, in the second half of the Middle Ages, swords were developed, we are more familiar today, including the Scots?, Japanese Katana and seizes Union. The swords had taken a lot more functionality projects developed in the weapons.

In fact, the sword of a surprising development from a simple knife is long, slender, strong and beautiful sword subject.

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