Hip Surgery Abroad – First Class Care combined with a holiday budget

Natalie, a friend of a friend called me yesterday to say the United States, he had just said that she needed hip operation. We chatted a bit 'on various types of implants, before which their main concern. How could she pay for it?

How many U.S. citizens against her, he discovered that when it came time to reap the benefits of their insurance policy, not only was under-insured but the insurance company refused to pay for their treatment in hospitaltheir choice.

What to do?

One possibility suggested to look hip surgery was abroad. So many countries have now significantly with hip-class at lower prices than the U.S..

With hip replacement in their cost of approximately U.S. $ 40,000 (unpaid extras and essentials such as physical therapy), the idea is less than $ 5,000 is very attractive.

Malta, Poland, Thailand, India and Tunisia are examples of countries thatTop hip surgery – but perfect for them, we agreed, would be Mexico.

Of course there are other costs such as flights and accommodation, but many people a combination of hip operation abroad with a holiday. This might make you smile, but think for a minute. After the operation you can not fly because of the risk of thrombosis (and uncomfortable). So why not close the hospital and enjoy a holiday in a low cost locations. You can also benefit similarly lowCost of physiotherapy.

And if you can not bring a deck to find and relaxation.

Do not worry about quality. Once this is done your research, most of which can be done via the Internet, you will notice that most surgeons who operate on overseas Patients were educated in the UK and U.S..

If you do not agree to all the hard? Not at all. How can we develop the tourism clinics that patients prefer a potential stress-free experience, and are too large willLengths arrange flights, transfers, accommodation and tours of the area – not just fit enough to enjoy.

Some final thoughts
Want to find not far away – somewhere in the neighborhood with a good atmosphere
Research, both the clinic and the surgeon
Imagine if they can be evaluated by your country before committing. Most major tour operators offer this service now.
Take a friend with you – you'll be happy society
Make sure you are insured. There is a newTravel / medical insurance brand designed specifically for medical tourists.

And what about Natalie – and she was definitely interested. "I always wanted to Mexico," he laughed "I never thought it would go for an artificial hip joint."

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