Help Jumbo – 5 star thailand

Rode elephants Siamese soldiers in battle, as Tanks ex Battlefate elds. Now, tourists can travel one, too. Although you can count on an elephant Many islands in Thailand, the most beautiful hikes Northern green. On the top of the back of elephants Mountain, a stream of Ford and climb through the woods Jungle. Some fields also demonstrates the action. For display incredible power of police to look They dragged the logs.

The National Institute of elephants in northern Lampang Province, tourists can also cope with Of course, how to be a mahout. Learning how to “guide” the The animals, how to swim the river, and even Sleeping with your elephant in the jungle. Please Bear in the fact that these intelligent and endangered Creatures that have the same life of a man is sacred for Thais, and a white Elephant adorns the FL AG of Siam. Even today, Thais still see to walk under the belly of the elephant,Siam, as the ancient warriors used to do for luck and strength.

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