Get Paid to Travel the world? and not hold a job

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Would not it be nice to travel the world and get paid for it? When people think most of the trip, they think of two models of travel obsolete '. "1) work really hard and save a lot of money. Once you have "sufficient liquidity", you travel as long as you can go broke before and find another job (or return to old) .2) travel through your work. These are low-paying jobs like working on a cruise ship as a tour guide, bartender, instructor, adventure sports, or just find a regular job in an exotic location. A better solution, of course, but …
How can travel anywhere your heart desires, "work" on something that fascinates you? The answer is closer than you think May and much more accessible. No, you do not sell anything to your friends or join a cult. I present you the option 3. 3) Use simple technology to transfer valuable people. To do this, you make money.
Sound like fun? And 'certainly.
The underground movement of passengers who did not work and "work" on Internet cafes and mobile phones a few hours a day (or week) is growing every day. Here are some quick ways you can join this group.
• Film your travel adventures and Internet traffic using your movie player. Taking photographs and videos, so why not make money for this? Did you know that you can use sites like YouTube and Flickr to send traffic to websites that pays you for traffic?
• Write about your travel adventures. Most of the "work of travel writers' like crazy to make a meager few hundred dollars from selling their stories for travel magazines. Instead, find well-paying jobs and Elance or Guru … or, better yet, send stories to your own easy to create blogs and do a Google Adsense income beyond your readers.
• Become a supplier for the largest store in the world … Ebay! This is one of the most underrated average trip each time. Many people think they should ship a product on Ebay … This limits your inventory that you could fit in your luggage or backpack. Unfortunately (fortunately for you!) This is completely false. You can sell digital products like e-books and courses on Ebay and never pay a red cent for shipping. For physical products, you can just as easily create a center of accomplishment that will ship your order without you never lift a finger.
• generate Internet traffic to sites using simple techniques. You can go on an online forum and answer questions from others on a topic? In order to have sufficient knowledge to generate traffic on the Internet! If you send traffic to websites to find customers on the subject, you can be paid.
Making income in travel is not as difficult as it seems in May … You just need to work on some simple measures that few people know. Soon they will make more money during the trip if it had a 9-5 job! The only thing that prevents you from acting.
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