Gay Friendly Hotel Bangkok – Where to Stay

The popularity of tourism has grown in Bangkok, Thailand. This is especially true for travelers, the requirement that gays and lesbians to vacation in an exotic. Bangkok offers some of the best nightlife of alternative lifestyles and the hotel area on the right and make your stay unforgettable stay.

When it comes to gay and lesbian night life of Patpong red light district is the place to be. While Patpong is famous for its go goBars and sex shows the region has always been a strong presence of gay bars and nightclubs.

These popular bars and clubs in several locations in the district of Patpong red light:

Silom Soi 4 and Soi 2
Soi Patpong 2
Even Pratoochai on Suriwongse Road, also known as Piazza Duangthawee

Although they are still common in just 5 minutes walk to the other. All these places are easily accessible by the BTS and MRT trains, if you do notremain in Patpong. But ideally, it is better to stay at a gay hotel in the area, would not have to worry about time.

A new hotel has recently opened, called Patpong is Glitz Hotel. It is a small boutique hotel on 4 floors with an attitude totally gay friendly. Just a word of caution, however, does not have elevators, but they have many people to help you with your luggage.

Siam Heritage boutique hotel is another place forconsider for your stay in Patpong. Although the room was building around for a while ownership of the well maintained and decorated in Thai style, a rarity these days in new hotels.

Finally there is a budget-friendly Wall Street Inn is located opposite Plaza Duangthawee and he is a gay bar to go. The entire hotel is not in the best conditions, but the location and prices, including free breakfast is certainly a moregood deal.

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