Focus on your goals as your target depth in pictures

Your eyes are a mazing! All the light is reflected dismembered, eyes and is based on the retina, a fascinating world to live your knowledge to your limit. With the deeper understanding of the lessons in everyday life to be useful.

In photography, it is about the width, height and depth. The image depth is an illusion to be created and organized in different ways. Here are some tricks to get a feel. Take any object or personin the foreground. Make sure the foreground is blurred, and to focus on the subject further.

The lines are the perfect ingredients for use. longitudinal lines of buildings, fences and other things, the illusion of working for deep lines to enter into the picture.

Lots and items that are targeted for quick glance of the viewer and create a fund to be used.

The colors also have the opportunity to lead the eye into the picture.

The traditional way is a mazing andawesome job to do with perspective, depth of feeling. The depth of field is a purely technical camera incorporates the diaphragm. The mechanism of the lens, the amount of light in the light sensitive CMOS ROM rule issued.

Aperture 22 can in less light and clarity to create a greater distance than the opening 2.8. When you work in low light conditions, the frequency is preferred by bright lenses. This depth is short telephoto lens is used even lessDepth. Take for example a face, where only the tip of the nose is sharp and the rest is to cover his face.

The camera different technologies work together here, depending on the outcome you want to achieve.

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