Flower-like sea animal

Flower-like sea animal, Life in the barriers around plants and animals. Different. Beautiful shapes and colors of nature. Or the ecology of the oceans. These creatures live on the same connection as the chain of life. Check the volume and balance of the Law of the Sea. Larger animals eat smaller animals for food. Small pets live long, very few types together as friends, without hurting each other. Some species live in common

Animals in the coral reef and colorful flower-shaped. We call it beautiful. Transliterated (sea anemone) or sometimes referred to as New Seattle.

They are like a hollow body. The same family, such as corals and jellyfish. It would mean the coral reef island and underwater. Some are on the loose sand contains a cylindrical body, elastic fabric. The arguments to the center of the shell. Acts as a mouth and ass. Anemone tentacles, each with the other discs. Some have the tip of the round as a balloon at the tip is a bit ‘as a pollen rounded. Bright colors like coral.

When fully grown, it is the only way for corals to species. Both Bud and the egg with sperm outside the mixed combination. When the mixture is smooth. It can adrift clinging to the rocks. The flowers grow. It is usually in the original perch. Sometimes, due to the contraction of muscles, put on the rocks and then released to float like jellyfish sea adhering to rock new rock moves. If less. It may be the island in a old shell. The hermit crab hiding in a shelter in seashells. Anemones also serves to mask the hermit crab. The advantage of not damaging the other.

Most anemones live in a mutually beneficial cooperation with other fish that are a variety of colors including yellow, orange, black and yellow, black and white, have alternated with segments. Some are based on the calculated point fixed. We often see the fish in this manner is hiding in anemone tentacles.

I modestly beneficial effect. Dean of the Faculty of Fisheries, Kasetsart University, said that the body of the fish. A special mucus that protects anemone poisonous needles. E ‘was great to catch prey. I tried to catch a fish, then draw the mucosa. It turns out that is not too good.

Coordination life between anemones and clownfish. The fish always attract small fish, which were closer to the anemones, fish poisoned needle for each tentacle anemone toxin in a release position. To remove and cool. Each tentacle actually helped to put the fish in the mantle cavity. Protease digestion in the body less fish. When it is full of debris blew over the mantle. Fish eat the crumbs, dass Some marine plankton and worms as bait to swim in the sea anemone. I eat fish caught. It is naturally purified. They came to the clinging parasites that eat anemones. With anemones like the guardian.

They may appear Care anemonefish on rocks near the base of the flower. This protects the eggs before eating fish eggs until hatching. Researchers have discovered that they are the only fish of other fish larger than females and males by a partner or family have been isolated sociable. Live Sex tentacle anemone. Tentacles flower pan act perceived by the senses. The feeling is that with the clown fish. When an animal is exposed to a different type. It comes to solving the toxins in your hand.

Some people who are passionate divers. Exploiting caresses anemone anemone toxin that causes a rash, burning like the venom of the jellyfish and appreciated. Coat as an aid for water and topped with a soft cotton cloth or a cotton swab moistened with ammonia and dry. Pour the vinegar above or use it to reduce toxicity. The way to prevent it. We must not handle any sea anemone or do not know. It ‘toxic to manage and defend. To survive in the sea.

Fauna of barrier between them. In coordination with several pairs of this species The images presented here are a couple of anemones with clownfish me.

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