Enjoy your holiday – Visit tourist attractions in Thailand

Thailand, Asia, nestled in the heart of south-east, is one of the few countries where the old coexists with modernity in peaceful harmony. It 'a country that offers wide variety of types of tourists, so that anyone with the same memories. For the avid shopper there are the shopping malls of Bangkok light, for the intrepid hiker, there are mountains of Mae Hong Son and sunny for the lazy, there are the beaches of Phuket andSamui.

The Thai capital is the starting point for a large number of tourists in Thailand, offers several fascinating destinations for tourists with eyes wide open. must visit each "list for tourists in Bangkok, will be" The Grand Palace. "The palace was home to many of the kings of Siam and for many years, also doubled as the nerve center of the Thai government. The building complex is the Temple of the Emerald Buddha or Wat Phra Keo. Considered Thailand are among the most sacred temple houses the central and most venerated object of Thai culture, the Emerald Buddha.

Another city of great cultural significance of Chiang Mai is the provincial capital of Chiang Mai. The city is surrounded by many ancient Buddhist temples and awe. A temple on the summit of Doi Suthep, a hill in the north-west of the city, giving tourists a breathtaking view over the city on a clear day.

The tourists, the ruins of the old> Thailand is "to be visiting forward Chiang Rai, where the 'Golden Triangle, Triangle, Thailand made the borders of Burma, Laos and is found. Untouched by the flow of tourists in Thailand, a boat trip tranquil Mae Khong River may be, you discover something new and unique every time.

The islands
Phuket, the largest island in Thailand, one of the most visited by tourists, may have lost some of its exotic charmconstant influx of tourists, but travelers willing, that goal still offers many suggestions. Its wide variety of white sandy beaches, many first-class international resort. And a surprise for those that have beaches and the sun and several tourist activities surfing. Unlike the beaches, a tourist is more visual pleasures to-find-a-kind landscape of Phang Nga Bay.

Koh Samui is an island of popularity comparable to Phuket. It was only inAt the end of 1970, the first tourists arrived in Koh Samui. But still, Koh Samui has preserved its charm and offers tourists and pearly white beaches, coral reefs, lagoons, picturesque waterfalls and more.

The objectives of many, but what a tourist in Thailand to take a house is a piece of eternity, a reminder of amazing, Amazing Thailand.

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