Downstream of Fury – Northern Thailand's Best Whitewater Adventures

Compiled rains Thailand 's Northern Rivers perfect for pushing your way through world-class rapids. After heavy rains in northern Thailand, the conditions for rafting are probably the best in decades. Rivers pumping through the jungle, sending showers of spray as the waves of white water crashing against the rocks, and devil-may-care beams bob and weave through the troubled waters of the raft. When a mood change in a river stream that flows softThe guide can fall for a while 'the oars to rest your arms and watching the jungle pass very slowly. Sun through the trees and the rain, as the sound of running water disappears into the distance, the cries of birds and monkeys with the rustle of the wind can be heard.

Whitewater rafting was relatively new in Thailand, to about 10 years. But it soon became established in the north, where the challenges in difficulty on a scale of one to five series. MaeTaeng River is one of the best known and most popular rafting routes, with rapids of the first four classes will vary. Situated in the valley of Mae Taeng 75 kilometers north of Chiang Mai, winds from the mountains near the Burmese border, through valleys and gorges, past isolated villages of the mountain communities.

And, south of Chiang Mai, Mae Chaem river flows through an exciting journey and Ob Luang Doi Inthanon National Park. The mountains get thicker to the west in the direction of Mae HongSon. Pai River breaks an angry way for Burma from Ban Nam Kong, 65 km from the town of Pai, the strong internal shocks downstream through pristine jungle, past impressive waterfalls, with about 15 species of swift, the tests have all five levels of competence.

Go north and find the Nam Wa River in the province of Nan. From its source in the mountains of Doi Well, it flows down through the jungle valleys and dramatic gorges. And, of course, are the waterschallenging!

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Most people can become white-beam, but is not a sport, you can do alone. The best way for a serious white water operators with the Tourism Authority of Thailand (TAT) for research licenses, experienced guides, itineraries, insurance and all necessary safety equipment such as helmets and life jackets. The experience is not usually necessary (depending on model and water level), since all parties are informed about the safety and protectionbefore departure. However, it is obvious that an acceptable level of fitness required – and the ability to swim.

The persons age is fairly irrelevant, and the young are known to shoot the rapids, even at the tender age of 10. At the other end of the scale, I think you're young as you feel. Sixty-year-old Robert Musibvoy noted by the United States – after his first experience with Thai rafting – "Good trip, good leader, good food and fun. The Best Whitewaterfurther. "As surely enjoyed. Thailand during the rainy season begins in May, but it's probably better to wait until July before rafting – if the water is high. Dry, cool weather takes over in mid-October and fast rivers continue AA February.

Expert: A professional team of fully trained river guides will be the beginning of rafting companies, used to be in northern Thailand.

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