Discover sunken treasures – Diving in the Similan and Surin Islands

Some of the reflex points in the world for scuba diving snorkelling and island groups Andaman Sea Similan and Surin islands. On the surface of emerald and blue sapphire You will see manta rays, whale sharks, lionfi sh, schools barracuda and about 75 percent of coral Species in Thailand. But this is only the projection Surface, because it is also the leatherback turtle, squid, Octopuses and giant sea fans.

To reserve the option premium (a cruise means that eating and sleeping on a boat for several days) Phuket to explore the Similan Islands and their Variety of dive sites, full of colors This is called the rain forest “of the sea: coral Reefs teeming with marine life. Sleep in Comfort and wake up to smell the salty breeze and
Then we plunge into the Wild Blue Yonder, under the Waves.

If you do not dive, do not worry, because you be left to dry. Snorkelers Many choose to remain provided the Surin Islands in the accommodation National Park Service, or bring their own tents. The park extends to their daily snorkeling excursions some extraordinarily beautiful corals. Although not good swimmer, who will give you a life Jacket, so you can bathe in things.

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