Colors in the fish and cover.

Colors in the fish and cover.

 Color of organisms living in coral reefs. Not different from the colors of spring แ nwpea beautiful like a rainbow, which is located on a pile of rocks under the sea.Do not these beautiful corals and sea fans. Decorated by the sea, the picturesque kingdom as the garden of the deep sea.

Marine scientists have tried to understand the incredible colors of the fish. And cause the visibility of the fish in a coral reef fish to the most beautiful patterns and colors on it.And \’because of the color pigments in fish, which are of two types of particles of a substance that has a lot of melanin.

 Reflection of particles through the crystal is reflected melanin in New York.Fish mucus secreted by the skin. The red and yellow of the contraction and expansion of cells on the fish. After stimulation of the nervous system through visibility.It can be dark and gloomy environment in which to be.

 Colors that blend with the environment in camouflage and stealth. Escape and contribute to their prey.The same fish can change color to different environments, such as fish or fish-eye Lignhma mixture. Often camouflage color and pattern, gravel and sand in which it is incorporated.In addition, it is still on the sand and shallow.

 Most fish are colorful and drawings remain the same throughout life. The smallest reproductive age and grow.But many fish change color, from small to large. And many fish change color during the breeding season.

 Dr. William B. was an American naturalist.Reef fish change color to 7 on the same day. While in a grove of coral species. Species of fish are fish, birds, fish, Nam Dok Mai Khunthong etc.

Tropical fish are usually darker than the color of fresh seafood in a warm room. The fish that live in the dark. It not only helps to visualize and classify them in the crowd alone. The color is also protected.For example, some types of a model and a black dot on the enemy to hide, such as butterfly fish, yellow, black. The black circle at the base of the tail. They look like eyes. When attacking an enemy.The misconception that the root of the tail and head as if the enemy has attacked the wrong place. As a result, you can survive the flight.

 The color reproduction and color to camouflage them. Not only is his only enemy.Also lurking waiting for an opportunity to attack. Fish that use color to blend in this way are: Grouper Rockfish (Rockfish) and Red. (Dragon\’s head).

 These fish are fish that are poisonous.The islands are still in a pile of stones. Color and texture are almost the same hill. The wait for prey to get close to an understanding that there is only one tiny little piece of stone.The victim has been deleted. Shall devour the prey prey

 Often the same dive. Or I do not have diving and snorkeling in these fish.Its venom is deadly, even for those who were absent to severe pain. Swelling around the wound. Symptoms include pain and shortness of breath, unconsciousness and convulsions may be fatal.

First aid. When these fish are the first thing is to wash the wound with cold water. Then compress the wound with hot water. Hot as the patient tolerated. Then the doctor immediately.Along the road can be a pain.

 Natural color on the fish. So that the fish recognize and remember them. It \’also used to disguise and evade the enemy foraging.However, the benefit is indirect. To assist in the beautiful coral reefs. Diving on the coral. Need to know and remember the things that were hard as well.