Colorful and spectacular.

After the image above into the atmosphere to leave you many, many more fans of the “best camera” many of the past. This would take a picture of the history of Thailand, we have a good long look at my watch once. The grandeur and charm of an ocean troops. The Navy has held many of you who like to shoot, it was kept to record the history of its own, or to keep the kids have the same version.

Location and camera angles. This is very important that someone will have a corner. I saw a shot come out quite well, it is the cradle of the Navy. The backdrop is the Wat Phra Kaew and the Grand Palace. Which corresponds to the compatibility between the vessel and background processes. But this place is forbidden. Those which are not related to or watch public had no opportunity to shoot at this angle.

Drawback of this camera. The river flow is quite strong. Make the process go a little fast moving boats. Each aircraft is different. Lighting conditions are not conducive to photography as much. Especially when there is no sun. The most common pattern is that it is pale gold, no gold at all time. With the sun. The vessel will be cooked till golden color of the clothes was a pretty fresh paddlers will enjoy as well.

Angle that I shot on a crane, which is elevated enough. The odd angles to it. The strategy of the Department of the Navy. Processes and procedures were in front of the boat to Wat Arun Payday Loans. And so far as the distance from the camera lens should I use a 80-200 zoom range of 200 to take the boat to pull away to look at each other. (The properties of the telephoto lens, which I’ve written in the books before then).

The measurement of the light. Difficulties as well. The lighting conditions are not fixed, but there is no sun but the sun. The light is changing. I enjoy taking them. Would be both under and over. And I use the camera to multiple cameras with built-in light meter HASSELBLAD which makes us into trouble again. Normally I would use a small camera metering. How much value they bring to light that the camera was shooting HASSELBLAD convenient and faster than using hand-held light meter.

And would like to suggest a few. For those who like to shoot. Especially if taken with slide film. Exposure can be considered as the heart of photography that has it. Every time you press the shutter. Should see the light in the camera at all times. To be used. Act as a habit. And if this light is not constant. Changes all the time. You can shoot without fear of error.

And brought down to watch this. I shot my first time on October 11, 2539, Fuji Film Whale 50 to use a tripod. I just want to use F-8 aperture, shutter speed 1 / 60 I did not dare use a shutter speed lower than this because I’m afraid the ship will have many images that are not mentioned. Some just use it like that bring down the well.